Review: Twisted Insane – Sick James

Twisted Insane – Sick James is a gory versatile West Coast horrorcore rap album from San Diego rapper Twisted Insane which has sadly been forgotten about and overshadowed by other albums on the market. What’s even sadder is that this album had previously been removed from streaming services in early summer 2020 due to a fan committing suicide to this album which is bullshit because people need to accept responsibility for their own actions. Now nearly each song follows a concept like a script to each scene in a movie based on how the lyrics are structured.

What More Do They Want described the sick and twisted dark persona of Twisted Insane’s Sick James persona. He raps about Sick James homicidal and suicidal tendencies. Sick James was on the corner running with the killer’s millimeter by the backside. He always had a bottle with him and it really never took away the pain. Sick James walks around with the mask on like it’s October 31st. He’s gotta bang. That’s why niggas always hanging to the floor. Killing them all is his intention. And he will bring the venom of a spitting cobra. That is a condition of his suicidal tendencies.

Twisted Insane raps about his delusions and contusions after smoking marijuana on the song Deific. Not to mention convulsions. Twisted Insane took a hit of weed and went into a psychotic mindstate. He has been having delusions and contusions after smoking marijuana. Now he feels like Michael Myers on Halloween.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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