September 24, 2023

Sophie J. Posey – Awed, Aware, and Alive uses a cool touch of jazz with refreshing modern pop production over neoclassical style songwriting. Her style of songwriting and storytelling is what jazz music is certainly missing. Those muffled reduced vocals of hers give the album a vintage 1920s style jazz feeling and fuzzy sound. However the instrumentation overlaps her vocals making out hearing her singing difficult.

Sophie sung about how she had the best time of her life with her man that is her lover on the song The Best Time of my Life.

Sophie had the best time of her life. Talkin’ over and over about what opens us inside. To all the quirks of life and to each other. We’ve walked different paths of life. From traumas to triumphs. Walking on cobblestones arm in arm and in heart. The best time with her man was when they sat at that wine bar. This was a night that was made of laughter, tears and dreams sprouted in not so good food and delicious port.

Oh je t’aime. Je t’aime. He made a space in her heart that keeps overfilling every day and every moment as they stare at each other with playfulness that’s always there. With tenderness that sparkles in each other’s gaze. And with power that comes when he knows he is loved. Forever.

They’ve people watched including themselves from painful hell to pure success. Walkin’ across plazas with sore tender feet. Happy to be just the two of us in a crowd. Two hearts entwined as one. To each other’s goals and hopes. Striped from all pretenses inside and outside. Basically they love each other.

Sophie sung about her stroll in Paris, France to find joy and enrichment for her life in the song Stroll in Paris. The song uses a sad mournful vibe as she wonders how she can find a life of joy again. She explains why she needs to search for peace of mind.

Sophie is going for a stroll in Paris to find joy again. To find liberty equality and fraternity. She goes to Paris to contemplate her life and walking alongside la Seine rivière in her heart which is glistened with pain. But can’t you see that her true values are not found and are not caught but are there. How can she find the joy of living again? How can she like the value of being herself?

She can’t travel this road anymore with these thoughts that aren’t her. So she will go stroll in the south with imposing mountains and the sea where the heat of the Midi travels through my body, Oh can’t you see she needs some liberty? Sophie is going for a stroll in Paris. To explore other regions and other cities where she can just be. To rebuild herself again. Can’t you see that you need to go away? Leave her to explore her country as she searches for peace of mind.

The Charlatan is about a conniving man who is a con artist who swindles people out of their money. The song described his odd and unique behaviors, mannerisms, and characteristics.

Oh there he is. The Charlatan known for his cool posture. Posturing so smoothly with arms sprawled like he’s been doing this since the day he was born. He sits in his room that is large as his smile and his lies. His sheep flock to him. They see no wrong in him. They adore him like the pop singer and gospel performer Tony DuFontaine.

His jacket’s mottled with rips and tears to give him credibility. They lap it up so quick. He’s relieved he’s just like them because he thinks he knows everything. He’s the pied piper of lies.
The Charlatan came from a podunk town. No one knows what he truly wants besides giving prophecies of hope and with in exchange for money.

Every so often, the charlatan shows his soft side when he goes out for a stroll in the vulnerable town in his saffron perfumed jacket he saves some leftovers for the birds and the homeless. With animals and the unfortunate he is himself with no trappings. He is a raw shadow of his persona. Some nights he’s seen in the dusky shadow of twilight. Cleaning up the carcasses of roadkill. Every so often he is caught actually caring. Yes he seems to care for someone other than his own money god.

So when he’s never seen again in the town and no amount of searching or private investigating can turn him up. What can one do? He’s left his flock so dependent on his falsehoods. Predictions of an epicness that they truly won’t gain. Because their life choices are too vain.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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