September 24, 2023

Murphy Lee ‎- Champs Sports Sampler was an album Universal Records and Derrty Entertainment packaged together songs from Murphy Lee’s debut album from 2003. However the songs on this sampler are not full length songs but are instead snippets. Many of which are a minute and a half long. The Champs Sports Sampler was used to promote the Champs Sports store as Derrty Entertainment had a one-year venture deal with in 2003.

If your album sampler has the following catalog code of UNIR 21040-2, then your copy is legit and genuine. The catalog code of UNIR 21040-4 does not exist and is a bootleg.

Murphy Lee has something to offer as he has bars and concepts. He is not just another rapper. Murphy Lee is sick with his rhymes. Words he uses match with those lyrics of his unlike other rappers. He makes his words rhyme in his lyrics. Murphy Lee is the shit. As usual, he never fails to disappoint his dedicated fans regardless of age. Murphy Lee did his thing as he is sick with his rhymes. People need to open their ears and broaden their horizons to support talent.

Wat Da Hook Gon Be was another lead single which caught a short but moderate buzz on radio stations across the United States in 2003 as it was played nearly everywhere. The song featured catchy hooks and catchy beats. The catchy beats were produced by Atlanta producer Jermaine Dupri. Of course anything produced by Jermaine Dupri is surely going to be a hit. His banging beats are what’s needed to grab people’s attention.

Murphy Lee proves to us what goes up, must come down in the first verse as he calls out the player haters in lyrical form. Player haters are people who hate or just envious of another person’s success. It be them same old clowns that are player haters. Haters are only pretending they’re proud. They are constantly fronting until they get confronted. If you don’t like whats going on, go listen to another song.

Murphy Lee keeps it St. Louis like Blues and Larry Hughes. He paid his dues. He’s not taking any shorts or losses. Murphy Lee don’t need no fucking hook on this beat. All he needs is the track in the background.

In Verse 2, Murphy Lee raps about how he got his first car when he turned 16. Verse 2 also explains how he basically came from nothing to something.

He only drove his car to his home or outta town like limousines. Plus he was broke at the time. So he did what we had to do on Nelly’s Country Grammar album to sell. The sun will come out tomorrow and he will never have to borrow anything as he has a recording contract with a major label. Murphy Lee stays original by sticking to his own melodies and lyrics. That’s how it is.

People are always saying, “Man it must be nice”. Not a simple “How’s life?”. Understand the money’s good but Murphy Lee is still from the hood. Expect a lot from him and you might get kicked. Murphy hints that he knows killers that will murder you and put you in a grave and thugs that will stomp you out.

You can catch Murphy Lee on your local radio station or in the studio doing vocals derrty style. Let the girls do him while you do you.

Murphy Lee gets cool with it on the song Cool Wit It. The song features Derrty Entertainment label mate Kyjaun. Ali of Ali & Gipp is featured as well. The cool saxophone solo at the end makes this song worth listening to.

Kyjuan is a laid back and humble person who is cool wit it. He is kind of hungry. He asks to be given a salad and soup. No need for extra rolls with it. Sue is the waitress who comes from behind the counter. She got a fat ass. Kyjuan went to school with her. She was the type that said,”I wouldn’t know what to do wit it” He got her phone number. She is not his type though. Kyjuan let Pooh have her. To put it simply, he let the crew hit it. Murphy Lee makes a lotta dough and pays a lotta dues. So you know he has the juice. He was cool wit it.

Nelly woke up at 9:30. He said, “Damn. It’s kinda early but I’m cool wit it.” He had received a message on his cellphone. Turns out it was this chick he had sex with. She used to be the cheerleader type. A lot of niggas tried but they didn’t get it. Or maybe they had the game they just didn’t spit it. They won’t admit anything about trying to hook up with her as those same niggas carry too much pride. A lot of niggas talkin’ shit but Nelly’s cool wit it.

Murphy Lee got his mama a new house and she cool wit it. His baby sister got a car as she works and goes to school. His grandmother does not like rap music. But she is cool with it as long as he has got a job. His grandfather told him, “Boy, don’t blow yo money. Don’t wind up in the motherfuckin news with it.” Separate the haters from the friends. Be cool.

The hook at the end is where nearly all the members of the St. Lunatics rap collective come together to rap.

Hook [includes St. Lunatics]
[Murphy Lee] Nelly you cool wit it
[Nelly] Ali you cool wit it?
[Ali] Kyjuan’s cool wit it
[Kyjuan] Murphy cool wit it
[Murphy Lee] City Spud cool wit it
[Kyjuan] And Slo cool too
[Murphy Lee] Party people
Lemme show you how really cool
We are

The Jungle Gym is an upbeat Southern rap song which is an original song written by the great Murphy Lee. He wrote and co-produced the song himself. Ironically Murphy Lee promotes exercise throughout the whole despite any sexual content.

While Murphy Lee was on Universal, he recorded 4 to 5 albums worth of songs within a timespan of 5 years.
And almost nothing touched the streets at all. The only song which leaked were Grown Ass Man, Westwood Freestyle, Champ Sports Middle, and Jungle Gym. Some of those songs on which aired on BET’s Free & 106 had been played at Union Station in New York City, New York. Jungle Gym was one of the few songs that was leaked onto the Japanese import for the Murphy’s Law album in 2003.

Murphy Lee plans to get sexual by turning the club to a jungle gym. He encourages the girls to get up under all the guys. This is explained at the very beginning.

[Murphy Lee]
Yo, turn the club to a jungle gym
Matter fact girl get all under him
If you know any freaks act like one of them
Get crunk again, have fun again, dirty
Err’body leave ya guns in the cars
And err’body run right to the bar
Get ya something staright or the bubbly
We ain’t Bubba but it’s finna get ugly

Murphy Lee is so extreme. He struts up in the club with the rest of the Derrty team. The compression on his dubs are so mean and so fresh, so clean.

He is wearing blue and gray clothing today. Lights from the disco ball beam and shine light. This causes Murphy Lee to hide his eyes from the disco ball. He had to find a disco queen. He has on enough jewelry to not be maintain a low-key profile. Descriptive writing made a million dollars for him. He’s just a young dude from St. Louis, Missouri.

Murphy Lee is known as the trouble maker. He is in the club with my house shoes on. He doesn’t like being in the house for too long. Murphy Lee is having dreams about buying the bar out. Sometimes he has got to let his cars out. His car dusty but it rassle the road. Murphy Lee used to have “free time”. Now he has a busy life as a recording artist. Off to another club he goes to. He knew two people at the door to the club. His stomach is full of Barbeque Tofu. So he ordered some more. So now he is ready to drink.

The third verse explains the plot of the beginning for this song.

Murphy Lee is up in the club at 3 AM. Murphy Lee and Jake are so drunk. They were leaning on each other. Of course, Murphy Lee was disgusted by his intoxicated state. This ain’t no fun. He is high as can be. Yet he napped himself up out of his intoxicated state.

Back on the scene, what does he see? Murphy Lee sees a fat girl on the dance floor wearing Daisy Duke shorts, unzipped with the thong in between. She got the fattest ass he has ever seen. A thick chick took him away and gave him head on the scene.

Champs Sports Middle serves as the interlude for this album sampler. The Champs Sports Middle interlude introduces Jungle Gym as “new shit”. Overall the Champs Sports Middle interlude was used to promote the Jungle Gym song.

Hold Up was a song written by Murphy Lee which featured Nelly and was produced by Mannie Fresh for the Murphy’s Law album in 2003. Hold Up can be noted for its catchy hook rapped by Nelly which is, “Say hold up, wait a minute/Lemme put some pimpin’ in it/Now, big booty I’m recommendin’/And I ain’t been in this spot for a minute/“ The first part of the hook is catchy and yet quite memorable. “Say hold up, wait a minute/Lemme put some pimpin’ in it/“

I rate this album 4/5****!

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