Insider reveals that Jamie Foxx is stable.

An insider close to Jamie Foxx revealed that Jamie Foxx “is stable and not in a life-threatening situation now.” The insider revealed that doctors are performing more tests to ensure the actor is healthy and virus-free. Doctors have advised Jamie Foxx to “keep his stress level down” once he leaves the hospital. Doctors want to ensure he is perfectly stable among release. Unfortunately no one knows exactly when his release date will be. Doctors have been doing around the clock tests on Jamie Foxx while he remains in recovery mode in the hospital. Jamie Foxx still remains hospitalized after a health scare he suffered in mid April.

The insider explained that what happened to him was a medical catastrophe that was serious enough to keep him in the hospital for a long period of time. The insider has revealed that the stress accumulated from the fact that he has a lot of projects going on. The insider said, “He gets things done; he is focused and astute.” However details regarding his medical emergency remain undisclosed at this time. It is currently unknown what caused his illness. Doctors cannot confirm what happened exactly.

Jamie Foxx gave an update after his health scare when he posted a message to his Instagram account, saying “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed.”

Jamie Foxx was filming the upcoming action-comedy Back in Action in Atlanta, Georgia with Cameron Diaz. However filming was cancelled after Jamie Foxx had collapsed and fell ill. Actor and comedian Jamie Foxx had collapsed and suddenly fell sick due to an illness that needed to be treated. This resulted in a serious medical condition.

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