Review: Murphy Lee – Wine, Weed, & Women

Murphy Lee – Wine, Weed, & Women was released as a digital album that was actually a mixtape on the DatPiff mixtape streaming website in 2011. Murphy Lee himself offered this album as a free download. Wine, Weed & Women was hosted by UCME Entertainment, Derrty Entertainment, and Freaky Mascao.

Murphy Lee has something to offer as he has bars and concepts. He is not just another rapper. Murphy Lee is sick with his rhymes. Words he uses match with those lyrics of his unlike other rappers. He makes his words rhyme in his lyrics. Murphy Lee is the shit. As usual, he never fails to disappoint his dedicated fans regardless of age. Murphy Lee did his thing yet again as he is sick with his rhymes. People need to open their ears and broaden their horizons to support talent. One known accolade this album/mixtape received was in Delux Magazine. Murphy Lee – Wine, Weed, & Women was crowned Mixtape of the Week by Delux Magazine in January 2011.

For those who don’t remember or don’t know, he is a rapper from the famous St. Louis rap group collective The Lunatics who rose to fame in the early 2000’s. Murphy Lee represents St. Louis, Missouri (the STL). Murphy Lee is most known for his success in the rap group the St. Lunatics alongside Nelly. He’s still signed to Universal Records through the St. Lunatics group deal but signed himself to his own record company

I’M DAT WUTS DAT POPPN was the lead single for the Wine, Weed, & Women album which became a No. 1 hit online in 2011. The trap beats and sound are what lead this song to be a No. 1 hit online. He raps in his usual Midwest drawl. The beats are what make this song nice. I’M DAT WUTS DAT POPPN avoids using such boring, monotonous beats. He uses live instrumentation which is perfect.

Murphy Lee is sick with his rhymes. Listen to his creative lyrics at the 2:35 mark into the song.: “See I’m what’s poppin’/I’ve noticed that I’m the fuckin’ man/Say I’m the damn man, ma’am, Damn yes I am” You can’t get more creative than that when making words rhyme in the lyrics.

Im Da Realist is a heavy percussion ridden song with hard hitting beats. The tom drums used are set to a loud volume setting and stand out with a loud presence. The hook is catchy but can get annoying real quick.

Im Da Realist is where Murphy Lee brags on how he is the realist rapper to run the rap game of St. Louis. He says he’s the realist to run it. He can run game to just about anyone. Rappers always say the same watered down rhymes to have crossover appeal into the pop market. Despite trying to cross over, their album sales are considered to be a flop. In some cases the song is hotter than the artist. Murphy Lee explains we all had to learn on our own at some point in life. Now it’s out of hand as rappers do not know what they are doing.

River Front Times considered the song “I’m Da Damn Man, Ma’am Damn, Yes I Am” to be irresistible. Murphy Lee is sick with his rhymes as he usually is. He makes words rhyme with each other such as “broads” and “drawers”. Take these following lyrics for example.:

Why they call you that?
I’ve got Gucci’s everywhere
I got Idahoes
Virginia broads
Trying to get you some?
Murphy Lee done got that drawers

They B On Me is about how the ladies are all on Murphy Lee. With his first quarter million ($250,000), he bought a quarter pound of kush and a Mercedes Benz with a phone attached. Ladies be all up on Murph Derrty. Ladies get to flirting whenever he steps up into the club. Haters get to perpetrating. The whole VIP section is super freaky.

I rate this album, 4/5****!


  1. This was a good read.
    That is what I think
    Great review of Murphy Lee’s “Wine, Weed, & Women” mixtape! It’s clear that he is a talented rapper with creative lyrics and sick rhymes. The beats on the album are also praised for their live instrumentation. It’s refreshing to see an artist who stays true to their sound and doesn’t try to crossover into the pop market. Overall, a 4/5 rating is well-deserved for this mixtape.

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