September 24, 2023

The sound of Mikhala Jené – The Missing Peace is reminiscent of Brandy back in the 2000s. Her vocal delivery is angelic and harmonic. She sings with a strong falsetto and warm tone on a low register. Her R&B style of singing is what R&B and soul are missing today. The songs have a calming mid tempo vibe. Now her album is a testament to true R&B/soul music and can stand the test of time regardless of time period. That’s how good this album is. Honestly this is one of the best spiritual R&B/soul albums of 2022.

My Rock is about Mikhala needing the Lord to be her rock for her so that he can be her emotional support. Basically she needs the Lord to cling on and be there for her when times get rough. Mikhala turns to the Lord for spiritual guidance and emotional reliance. The song My Rock is one of the more spiritual songs on the album.

The song is a testament to R&B/soul music of the 2020s with the clear hi-fi vocals and electronic soul production with the thin crispy beats and melodic chords. Those melodic chords and clear hi-fi vocals are what make the song angelic.

Mikhala hears a voice saying, “Stay still” with tears in her eyes. Lord, how much time will it take ’til she wins the fight? She is deep in the struggle now and it’s weighing her down. So she’ll put all her trust in the Lord to lift her from the ground. The Lord is her rock in a hard place. She turns to the Lord for emotional support when she is in a hard place.

When friends let her down and no one’s around, the Lord is there for her. Especially when she get hurt and they get to acting funny. When Mikhala gave her man the right kind of loving, but he doesn’t love her back, the Lord is there for her. Even when she ain’t got no money in her bank account. All she needs is the Lord’s love and affection. The Lord accepts Mikhala despite her imperfection. The Lord turns every lesson into a blessing. Mikhala knows that the Lord has been by her side from beginning to end. Where would she be if it had not been for the Lord’s love?

Mikhala questions herself about whether she is hard to love or not because her lover reigned on love and let her down because he switched up so unexpectedly. That is the synopsis of The Switch.

Mikhala is downtown at a star restaurant with no reservations. The food is nothing below amazing. She finds herself infatuated within lost time. She found someone giving just as much as her lover. But he reneged on love and let Mikhala down. This sweet ugly fantasy is so insane to her because he switched up so unexpectedly. Who knew that it’d all come crashing down?

It’s so unfair to be this way. She wanted to take him to heights he has never known. She was unprepared for the unexpected because she never knew that it would all come crashing down. So Mikhala questions her faith. Is she hard to love? Is she in the way of lovе? Does she move too fast? Did she pick the wrong onе to love? Who knows.

The harmonics on Changes are just perfect and sublime. Those sublime harmonics are what help the song stand out to heights of perfection. Hats off to the producer who produced the song.

The song is about how Mikhala found her peace of mind and doesn’t need any man’s permission to elevate herself to any height she would like to because it’s her right to elevate herself to any height she would like to. The song takes a pro-independent stance on women empowerment and self-empowerment.

Mikhala is feminine divine in the flesh. Mikhala finally found a peace of mind. She doesn’t need any man’s permission to elevate herself to any height she would like to because it’s her right to elevate herself to any height she would like to. Will she find her man right there growing next to her? They as a couple are not growing if he is constantly blowing up her phone with notifications and stressing her out. No. Mikhala is bigger now. She is trying to be much better, but he wants her to cuss him out. But she won’t dumb herself down. She’d rather be alone than to keep him around. She feels overgrown while he is under the ground. She doesn’t have to be broken when she can break free. She doesn’t have to be chosen when she can choose her self.

He doesn’t know Mikhala. But he is going to know her when she lets herself introduce him to a new woman she knows that he ain’t used to. They say people don’t change, but Mikhala changed. Mikhala can’t change the man she is currently with because he won’t change his mind. Mikhala tells her man to be a man and make a decision. It doesn’t take Nostradamus for him to see the vision.

It’s so frustrating. Mikhala tried to make them better. But he brings out the worst in her. Whenever I pour into you and It’s draining her. Unfortunately, she can guarantee he’ll learn her value when she leaves. It’s sad to see him sabotage the love they got (had). Everything changed when she changed.

Human Nature explained how human nature was getting the best of Mikhala. The song showcased Mikhail’s internal struggles when coping with human nature.

Mikhala doesn’t wanna admit it as she keeps on turning back looking for more. She doesn’t wanna face it. Hopefully she’ll get through this detour and all of these stages. She is supposed to be moving on. But she ends up right back where her heart is hurting from. Why are we always running back to danger? It’s a shame we ain’t a stranger to pain. I guess it’s human nature getting the best of Mikhala.

Maybe Mikhala is not as strong as she thought she was. Mikhala is entrapped and tangled up in thoughts she can’t wrap her mind around. Trying to hold it together but to no avail. She wants to turn around, but there’s nothing back there for her. It’s just familiarity.

Add Up To 1 explained how Mikhala thought that she gave all of herself to her man that they would be complete. But they’re just a fraction of what she wanted to be. The song delve into the shattered dreams of a broken relationship.

Mikhala thought that she gave all of herself to her man that they would be complete. But they’re just a fraction of what she wanted to be. And Lord knows she tried to count her blessings. But something ain’t right. She knows there’s no perfect ten. She spent nine lives hurting and has been waiting for love. Six long hard years. But it still won’t add up to one. Love makes you think twice. We all roll the dice thinking that we’d be alright. But Mikhala lied to herself to get by. She was buying time whilе he was wasting hers.

Mikhala never got the chance to give her man the loving that he needed because he was holding her back. She was caught up in the way things could have been. That is the synopsis of All I Ever Wanted.

Her man has been holding her back like a bus with no fare. They are not going anywhere with their private affairs. They lead to nothing because he never cared to give up wanting what he never need. Mikhala always wanted him to need her thus leading into a toxic co-dependent relationship. But she was wrong to think she could be for him. She was caught up in the way things could have been. But she was wrong. Mikhala never got the chance to give her man the loving that he needed. She never got the chance to have him. Now Mikhala does not want to let go of him and see him walk out of her life.

They started out so smooth. When did their relationship get so rocky? Because he decided that he could not be true and faithful like she was to him. Mikhala gave him 6 years of her life. It’s killing her that he couldn’t choose. But she was wrong to think she could trust him.

Mikhala has been wanting and needing him since the Carolina blues days. He makes her feel needy. She just wants him to love her back if he truly loves her. She doesn’t know what he wants from her. Mikhala feels like he feels that he wants her to be something that she is not. Mikhala just needs for him to stop and get back on track.

Black Love is a pro-black stance on the concept of love. The song follows a timid beat structure over her smooth mellow vocals as she sings. Mikhala killed the song with her singing and songwriting.

These lyrics are a pro-black stance on the concept of love relating to black people. These lyrics were written from a black person’s point on view on the concept of love and the valuation of love. Some of which are politically charged.

[Verse 1]
Black love, Black man
Black thoughts, Black skin
I’ll kiss every inch of you
‘Cause the world can be so cruel to you
You do what you gotta do
Take care of me and you
Take it easy on you
Taking time to love you

[Verse 2]
Black hole, Black girl
Big heart, cold world
Warmer when I’m in your arms
Tangled in charm
Stars shine a bit brighter with you right behind me
When we’re laying down
My safest place is you
Just us two

Your blood, painted trees
Blood on me, Coretta had a king
I can’t breathe if you can’t breathe
We both breathing in
Love in the deep end
From sea to shining sea, skin on skin
Your eyes looking back at me
Hate the sin that could hold you back from me

Mikhala sings about how she is going to make her own way in life as nothing is for certain on When Bridges Burn. The song When Bridges Burn is full of life lessons. Brian Alexander Morgan’s work is all over the song as Brian Alexander Morgan not only produced the song but contributed to the songwriting as well. So you know the song is going to be good and sultry in nature.

Nothing’s for certain. But one thing’s for sure is that Mikhala is going to make it in life. Even though she knows it looks like she won’t because her heart has been broken and left in despair. But she is gonna make it even though it feels so damn unfair. Even when bridges burn she will build her own bridges and make her own way in life.

These lyrics have a lot of faith to them.

[Verse 1]
Nothing’s for certain
But one thing’s for sure
I’m gonna make it, oh, yeah
Even though I know it looks like I won’t
‘Cause my heart’s been broken
And left in despair
But I’m gonna make it
Even though it feels so damn unfair

[Verse 2]
Somedays, I’m worried
And my faith turns to fear (Turns to fear)
My soul is aching, oh, no, no
‘Cause another love has cost me more tears, oh
Time can be heavy, yeah
But I know I’ll heal
I’m gonna make it
I can’t move on standing still

Anothеr lesson learned
Won’t bе over-concerned
Even when bridges burn
Even when bridges burn
I’m gonna build
I’ll build my own

Brick by brick, I’ll keep building
It ain’t easy, but I
No one’s gonna do it for me
I can’t see when my tears fall
I’m gonna crawl

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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