Review: UNLV – The Return of U.N.L.V. Trend Setters

UNLV – The Return of U.N.L.V. Trend Setters is one of the more underrated New Orleans rap albums of 2001 that somehow managed to chart on the Billboards despite hardly getting any notice. However by this point UNLV had been reduced to a duo. UNLV came harder than ever on this album of course. This bounce influenced lyrical rap album showcased the best of UNLV as a duo.

UNLV returned to the music industry in 2001 with Yella’s Revenge. However by this point UNLV had been reduced to a duo. So Lil Ya and Tec-9 avenged themselves for deceased UNLV member Yella Boy, better known as Bad Ass Yella Boy. The song was a continuation and follow-up to their 1994 hood classic Bad Ass Yella Boy. UNLV says this song ain’t no remake.

It ain’t over, ya’ll, as Lil Ya has got some shit on his chest. These niggas out here are biting UNLV’s beats. Giving him some reasons to flex. The remaining members of UNLV will tie them clowns up 3rd ward style and commit to drag ’em in the river. Shit is realer than it ever has been. This is revenge for Yella Boy.

Tec-9 is running, remaining, and staying clique tight with his group UNLV and lettin them guns rang. Dressed in black and throwin them thangs. UNLV kept it low and on the tuck for about 4 years. But now you niggas gotta pay there’s no more tears. Now a rumor done got out that UNLV’s comin again. UNLV is Uptown Niggas Livin Violent. The Hood Mac and Flexis hit the block. Tec-9 got his money right so the remaining members of UNLV could go to war.

Lil Ya and Tec-9 show and rap about how they are lyrical hard hitters from Uptown on the song called Uptown Hard Hitters. Lil Ya says there ain’t but one Uptown hard hitter.

There ain’t but one uptown hard hitter. So stop rep, huntin, stuntin, and frontin before you kick off a killing. Niggas gettin bucked and them hoes like to wobble. That one Uptown hard hitter is Lil Ya. Lil Ya means every word that he says. When it come to Uptown, you gotta think Niggas Livin Violent like them UNLV niggas. Rest of ya’ll niggas keep quiet and stay silent.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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