Review: UNLV – Straight Out Tha Gutta

UNLV – Straight Out Tha Gutta was one of the most gutta and violent gangsta rap albums from New Orleans in 1994. Cash Money Records was pretty much dominating the rap scene with full force during that time. The album has songs that are laced with extreme violence such as Back Up Off Me and Things Got Wild. That makes sense given that the recording and release of this album took place during a time period when New Orleans was dubbed “the murder capital of the world” and “the murder capital of the United States”. The album was the soundtrack of New Orleans rap.

Now this album was UNLV’s most gutta album to date and their most gutta album of all time due to the violent themes and explicit lyrics. They came harder on this album than they ever did before. Especially in comparison to their debut album from 1993.

Things Got Wild was a soundtrack of New Orleans life during 1994 as New Orleans was dubbed “the murder capital of the world” and “the murder capital of the United States”. The clubs were wild and popping’ pre-Hurricane Katrina (Pre-Katrina) and Pre-Hurricane Ike (Pre-Ike). Members of UNLV rap about how things got wild throughout the song.

Let UNLV tell you about how things got wild this time. You bet your sweet ass they got wild and rowdy.

Yella Boy was creepin’ through. Newtons gave his boy some fuckin’ dap. He looked to his right and Lil Hurt was about to strap. Yella Boy rocked upon the mic and made the whole crowd clap. Tec-9 was in the back with boo-koo bitches on his lap. Yella Boy was givin’ eye to eye contact to this lil freak named Renee. Spittin’ much game as his game be cold. Now them hoes be sweatin’ him because of the vibes of the Kangol.

Everybody is buck wild because it’s Sunday night. The music is extremely loud and it’s kind of hype inside. Lil Ya is on the mutherfuckin’ mic tonight. Got the bitches pussy poppin’ so UNLV is keepin’ it tight.

His nigga Pee Wee is in the back rippin’ shit up. Pee Wee asks Tec-9 to grab the mic. Tec-9 slowly approaches the mic with his hand. Everyone was clapping along to what he was saying. Until that nigga from the other side shouted out, “Motherfuck that third put a boot in yo mouth!” Damn that nigga trippin’ must be on that shit because before the bitch knew he was gettin’ that lick. So Tec-9 knocked out the big mouth who fucked up his show performance. Somebody’s on the mic rockin’ the bitches. Then Ms. Tee popped up on the scene.

Lil Ya was sitting in the club (Newtons) looking real sharp. Suddenly niggas break out and start fighting. Hoes in the front are trying to break up the fighting. It’s getting rowdy. All while Lil Ya is chilling in the back trying to get his dick sucked. Step against the chrome and there will be another killing. Nigga lit up a blunt. The hoes was nothin’ nice. The big man started to make fight. Chairs started flying in the air. But when you at Newtons nobody don’t care. Newton was wild that night. Every fuckin’ night you hear somebody’s gettin’ killed.

Yella Boy slowly moved to the bar to get another slow gin. He turned back around as soon as hands were going in the wind. A nigga can’t walk straight he full of that fuckin’ dank. Yella Boy walked up to another nigga that was drunk and wasted his drink. He likes to keep his game smooth like the water in the Nile River.

Back Up Off Me is one of the more violent and deadly songs due to the violent nature, violent themes, and explicit lyrics. One could call Back Up Off Me a continuation of Things Got Wild due to the violent themes. UNLV raps about how they are tired of motherfuckers with hoe shit. Niggas be comin’ with hoe shit makin’ it harder for the next person.

Tec-9 is sick of them motherfuckers with that hoe shit. Make yourself known and stop talking from a distance. Niggas be comin’ with hoe shit makin’ it harder for the next person.

He remembers a time back around 1992. Some niggas called him up saying they were starting a group. He gave it a try. But he was in it to win. Them niggas started somethin’ they could not finish. Now he’s got to move on. So he signed with Cash Money Records. Now he’s got some niggas who want to look at him funny. But he ain’t even gonna let them niggas step. But ain’t no rats around because Tec-9 is in the clear. A lot of people dislike him but they don’t understand him. Cash Money is in effect to another level. Tec-9 represents that Uptown through the circumstances and the difficulties in the rap game. It’s best to get your ass out of his fuckin’ way. So back up off him.

Lil Ya is not on the map but yet is making your name bigger. You and that hoe shit. You know you don’t mean it.
But if you want some drama, won’t ya step to Ya, bitch? Put down your guns and let’s begin to fight. Lil Ya is a gangster that is true to the game. Tellin’ these old mark ass gangstas to back up off him. But ain’t no rats around because Lil Ya is in the clear creepin’ up on you from the rear. Everybody’s talkin’ about the way that you bled.

These lyrics showcase and expose how violent and deadly the song really is.

The “U” is for Uptown Uptown
The “N” is for Niggas Niggas
The “L” is For Livin’ Livin’
The “V” is for Violent still fuckin’ Violent

Shoot you in yo head makin’ sure your dead
Everybody’s talkin’ about the way that you bled
But ain’t no rats around because the U is in the clear
So watch yo back mutherfucker cuz I’m creepin’ up on ya from the rear

Bad Ass Yella Boy is a solo cut by UNLV member Yella Boy. This is coincidentally the most memorable song on the album due to Mannie Fresh’s production. Yella Boy raps about how much of a bad ass he really is.

When he was young he wasn’t nothing bout trouble. Just a little bad ass yellow boy. Causing trouble seven days a week. His mother couldn’t find a nice neighbor to watch him. Them people around the corner are talking about how he is just too wild. Adults can never his style or behavior. Ya said at a young age a nigga couldn’t fuck. He is peepin’ out the girlie’s up the block to get his dick sucked. Now he will hit the rope for three days. That’s the word.

Yella Boy is just a young and hard menace driving everything in site. You can never beat his talent. For all his life he always wondered what it meant to behave.

Now he is much older. He had to stop being a clown and had to turn his life around. It was ruff back in the days for him but he learned his lesson. He went to jail as a juvenile because he got caught with a Smith and Wesson handgun. He’s still causing trouble but this time it’s done the right way. Rippin’ the fuckin’ mic up. So all you suckers better make way.

Straight Out Tha Gutta is one of the most gutta songs on the album due to Mannie Fresh’s production and the hardcore gangsta rap lyrics. The group raps about how rugged their impoverished lives are while living in poverty. UNLV claims they are living violently, rugged, and fowl to an extreme extent.

Straight out tha gutta they label a nigga as a problem to the other side but they just want to take Tec-9 for a ride. Now he is young and black. That puts odds against him. He carries a nine millimeter handgun for protection and defense. That means some drama bout to happen. Tec-9 is too much trouble.

On top of all that he got hooked up on some hoe shit. Police say he fits the description of a 187 suspect (murder suspect). So now the Parish Prison Blue (New Orleans Parish Police) is in effect. But this ain’t nothin’ to a brother. He has handled shit like this once before because he is straight out the gutta.

The gutta is nothing but a trap. Which is were Tec-9 is in. You can’t survive if you can’t stay strapped. So watch your back. Everyday there’s a murder case in his neighborhood. UNLV is still up to no good. Feel the steel of a real ass nigga at your ass with the motherfucking hollow tip. I know that you slipped because he is bangin’ bangin’. He ain’t about to let this shit go down. Machine gun, three eighty, AK, Glock forty-five. With all that ammunition how the fuck you gonna stay alive?! Tec-9 takes out the clip because shit is getting deeper.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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