Review: Lethal T. And The Outcast – Death By Lethal’s Injection

Lethal T. And The Outcast – Death By Lethal’s Injection is one of the most forgotten San Antonio rap albums from 1994 next to K-Sam – Infamous Playa and Mykill – Homicidal Maniac. This album got lost in the shuffle of 90s rap. The album had that hi-fi gangsta rap sound and G-Funk that was popular during the early part of the 90s decade. This is that straight lethal shit that generated a minor buzz in the city. Lethal T gave some lyrical beatdown all throughout the album with some stellar drum programming from DJ Cassanova out of Austin, Texas.

Classics on the album included Ready For The Gankin, Hell Express, and Beat Down 4 S.A. Town. Songs as Beat Down 4 S.A. Town and Ready For The Gankin were the singles of the album. Beat Down 4 S.A. Town had a vinyl single with 4 songs.

Ready For The Gankin is a G-Funk classic on the album with strong combative vocals with such ferocity that follow an aggressive paced beat. Those G-Funk sines and synths are vicious. Notice the suspicious atmosphere in the song. The song is about a robbery that took place at Lethal’s residence. Some punk hoes tried to gank Lethal T while he was inside of his residence. So he organizes his rap group The Outcast to help guard his residence.

Lethal T is sitting at the pad (his residence) at 3 AM waiting for these punk hoes to kick his door in. He got the scoop from Da Pantha. So Lethal knows what’s up. These punk hoes will gank Lethal T for his good and shoot his residence up. But he has something different in mind. His rap group The Outcast is at the pad with AK’s and .9’s to protect him.

Lethal T is at his window at 3:05 AM. T-Rone has the Mausberg aimed at the front door. Buck is on the rooftop. Another member of the group is in the alley with the twin glocks. This way none of those punk hoes are leaving alive. Lethal T guarantees they will come up stankin’. The Outcast is the motherfucking house ready for the gankin. Lethal T is ready for the gankin.

A new crew of jackers, robbers, and punk hoes rob his residence every fucking week. They figure they’ve got too much to lose. Which is why they gank his residence. But deep inside, they’re scared and confused. They circled his residence 3 times to study the entrance points of his residence. They might have had a chance if they hadn’t ran their mouths. Lethal T has a grip on his gauge. He popped 3 inside and 2 outside.

Lethal T and The Outcast give lyrical beatdowns on their classic song Beat Down 4 S.A. Town while repping the city of San Antonio, Texas. The song has such ferocity due to the combative aggressive vocals from Lethal T. Those G-Funk sines and synths are quite vicious. Beat Down 4 S.A. Town was their classic hit that was constantly played on the radio in rotate. Some people remember there being a music video on the public access show “Drop the Beat” back in the 1990s. The song has clever punchlines such as “I am packing a K.O. in every lyric I throw”.

This a beatdown. So don’t nobody move or flex. Because Lethal T is about to get as deadly as lethal can get. Fools on a mission can get run up on and get flown by rhymes from a nigga in San Antone. The Outcast is on the move. He is going to let the lyrical flows run deep. Lethal has got his steel. So you best chill. That’s how this nigga from Texas is coming off. He busts that ass with a beat down from SA-Town. Lethal T doesn’t front. He is packing a K.O. in every lyric he throws. Giving punks a chance to break. If you choose to rebel, you’ll get knocked to the floor.

The horn driven Caught Up explained how Lethal T got caught up in the comeuppance of being a drug dealer as he raps about living large. This is what happens when you get caught up.

Lethal T is headed to the park on Sunday in a black jeep. He rolls the windows down so bitches can peep him. As soon as he pulls up, bitches file up and surround his car like he’s a star. Making men jealous. Large is how he is living indeed. He ain’t hurting for shit. The game has been good to him. He has materialistic things such as thousand dollar suits and exotic skin boots.

Lethal T had it all at 21. He was caught up in the dope game without no shame. Slanging them thangs (drugs) was his claim to fame. He sold drugs because he was unemployed. His family had to eat. Went to grams to kilograms in a matter of weeks. Now his life is complete. This is what happens when you get caught up.

He used to wish for bank. Now he’s got a lot of bank from being a drug dealer. Hoes don’t care where you get it. Hoes care about how much money you’ve got. That is a lesson Lethal T learned in the dope game as a drug dealer. Lethal T went from a nobody to a hero in a few months time. If he didn’t have these ends, then he wouldn’t have shit. A nigga like Lethal T will keep checking his grip. He stays strapped with his gat.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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