Review: Kronic – Da 4 Foot Attack

Kronic – Da 4 Foot Attack is a rap album strictly for the kids. Quo. All of the material is age appropriate for children with the subjects being about childhood, summer, having fun, and just straight up rapping. The album met the bar for 90s production standards with catchy percussion, and hard East Coast boom bap beats. Yes, this is the group Lil Zane was in! Mecca Don did a bulk of the production since his production can be heard all over the album.

Kronic (Kids Rappin On New Ideas And Concepts) was as commercial as Kris Kross and not as hardcore as Da Youngsta’s. They were somewhere in the middle. Which was a perfect balance for them at least. Kronic was one of the overlooked kiddie rap groups of the 1990s which never got a chance to prosper or reach the height of success and stardom other kiddie rap groups achieved during that time. Their debut effort was overshadowed by other kiddie rap groups such as Kris Kross, Da Funky Bunch, Illegal, and Quo. Which is truly sad because these hip hop half-pints prove they can hold their own weight on the album lyrically speaking. That is a true travesty. What’s even more sad is that these kids have got better flows than most rappers these days. These kids sounded iller than 99.9% of hip hop/rap being produced today. Now if if only producers and MCs still made hip hop/rap like this today.

Time To Play has that playful kid vibe and classic sound with production for underrated producer Kaygee. The song uses some mean basslines that gives the song dark undertones similar to a grimey East Coast rap song.

Carry On uses a muffled looped soul sample that used huge treble reduction that is quite noticeable. Naughty By Nature produced this Carry On. It’s truly amazing how these kids show some raw talent at such a young age. These kids killed it even during the Golden age of rap. You can’t mess with the Golden age because even kids killed it back then!

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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