Review: B Brazy – The Braziak

The B Brazy – The Braziak album is one of the best rap albums to have come out of Inglewood, California next to Lil Hawk – Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood and Allfrumthai – Tha I. B Brazy had charm, charisma, and talent when he rapped. He had that Nawlins (New Orleans) accent in his voice. This entire album is 100% percent gangsta rap with action packed lyrics, unique characteristics, and male bravado. His album is similar to a hood drama or documentary. The action, drama, thrills, charm, charisma, and energy is what makes this album great. You will love his gangsta rap style and finesse in his vocals as this is some real gangbanging music. B Brazy was the braziest and the hardest. B Brazy was like the Damu Eazy-E. He was ahead of his game. This is real rap! A small tinge of soul music is incorporated on this album.

B Brazy recorded The Braziak album in his own basement. So you know it has that raw sound to it. Unfiltered and raw gangsta rap sound. DJ Dammar helped produced a majority of his album. Ronnie Ron only produced a couple of songs though.

B Brazy never dropped any of his albums on Dangerous Records. B Brazy personally made his own albums on CD-r and distributed them to his homies in Inglewood in 2000. The reason the album did not see a proper retail release is because B Brazy released a bunch of underground songs that were strictly for the hood only. There was no artwork or cover printed up for his album. Only 60 first pressings of the CD supposedly exist. Possibly 1,000 copies total at most. Now some copies of this album had 10 songs while other copies had 12 songs. The reason why B Brazy titled his album The Braziak is because he dedicated his album to his brother Laniak (Bryant Hannon).

B Brazy puts a West Coast spin and twist on the East Coast classic BDP – The Bridge Is Over. By doing so, he retitled the song to be The Drought Is Over. His lyricism is clever and hardcore as ever. The song showed how he was a talented young MC and rapper. His raps songs are always impressive and leave much to be desired.

The song’s production was arranged perfectly and the piano keys were tuned just fine. He even copied the exact same piano keys, chords, and notes. The piano bridge used in this song is made up of just four-note chords. A majority of these keys use B flat major and the F key. The keys are as follows: BBBBBB (x2) BBB AG FFF GA BBB AG FFF GA BBB AG FFF GA BBB AG FFF

B Brazy used an innate technique while playing the piano. His hands hovered over the keyboard rather than just sticking to them. He does not play the keys vertically a downward direction. However he did not use a new melody or a chord progression. That is because he used the same keys which is how he kept the song original. Since the song is played in B major, that means he started playing the A key next. He pressed and released the keys is a fast manner yet felt the resistance inside of those strings and chords.

Samples used in The Drought Is Over are Boogie Down Productions – The Bridge Is Over and The Undisputed Truth – (I Know) I’m Losing You.

Westside YGs is one of the best songs B Brazy has recorded. The song has that neighborhood sound and is a banger. The vibe is very mellow yet gangsta. Now that flute solo you hear is exactly what gives this song a calming vibe. B Brazy recorded this song in 1994 for the compilation album Flamin B Dawgs Come Better.

It’s 1994. So watch B-Brazy as he bail through the door with a big fat ass joint and his arms around a hoe. He’ll kick that gangsta shit. So let him fuck it up. But first let him fill his cup and crease his khakis up. West Up to all these bitches, swangin’ off his riches. When they say, “Oooh B Braze, can we hop in?”, he hit the switches. Now all these bitches eating ass.

He is too crazy. B Brazy is not your average motherfucker as he hangs with the Figueroa Street Gang (Figaro Rida Gang) and not no bitch made busters or snitches. He hangs with the gang, runs with the thugs, and busts automatic slugs when its time to bust.

One time (police) trying to catch him but they ain’t caught him yet. Here’s a hint as to where he is. G strolling on Figueroa Street is where you find this gangsta at. B Brazy in his set with his homies in his brand new 79 cut Lexus Coupe on thangs. He is wearing a starched khaki suit and a beanie with a joint in his mouth. His khakis hang so low that his ass shows. B Brazy is off the drank but don’t think that a damn thang has changed. Enemies get whooped.

Yeah it’s that gangsta ass nigga that you all call Braze. B Brazy is known to bust like a gauge and fuck up niggas on the stage. Y’all bitches and y’all niggas on these nuts. Please suck ’em while he hits you with the Braze A Daze. B Brazy makes money by pimping hoes and fucking them. Beep Beep. Ah shit man, your bitch just paged.

Now he is so high to the point where he is lookin’ like a Korean. He’s just as high as he can be.He’s got ten on another sack and five on the Hennessy. All while he is dressed to kill in a Coupe Deville.

These lyrics implicate that he is high and under the influence.

And god damn I’m so high I’m lookin’ like a Korean
Woop woop, and I swoop in a Coupe Deville
Pig tails lookin’ proper and I’m dressed to kill
I’m just as hiiigh as I can be
I got ten on another sack and five on the Hennessy

Bitches see him so high and often wonder how long his penis and what his phone number is. He tells them, “Bitch, get out my face. Hoe I’m high. You fuckin’ up my high.” B Brazy is so bent off that Hennessy and the Tanqueray. Still got a double deuce and half a blunt in the ashtray. He got so damn high to where he’s baggin’ on every goofy bitch that walked by. You see he love clowning bitches that look like Yoda.

B Brazy asks Lil Hawk this. “Lil Hawk, I’m kinda bent, blood. Pass me a soda.” Now B Brazy is staggering, comin’ out the motherfuckin cut drunk and high as fuck. It’s a drunk, high as fuck young nut. It’s the West on his nuts. The way B Brazy says “sweet daddy” is in Nawlins style.

B Brazy is about to show up with the 20 sack of indo and then peep how many hoes are on the dance floor. He brought a gang of tweed and his 9 double M. He is now finna swoop to the set. Hood rats get to swangin’ when they see the curl hangin’. Hopped out with the khakis way hangin’. Ooh, 109th Street definitely in the house that time. It don’t stop, it don’t quit.

Bitch Get Lifted is a B Brazy/Bloody Mary duo cut although B Brazy performs most of the rapping donning the track into a B Brazy solo. Some B Brazy fans and Bangin’ On Wax fans regard Bitch Get Lifted as a B Brazy solo track. B Brazy is all over the place here. B Brazy was the braziest and the hardest. He was ahead of his game.

A funky James Brown sampled is looped all over Bitch Get Lifted. The track Bitch Get Lifted seems to be overall James Brown inspired. Ronnie Ron must have been inspired by the funky sounds of James Brown when he produced this track in 1997. Bitch Get Lifted is a perfect song to listen to with bass boosted up. Ronnie Ron produced Bitch Get Lifted. The song samples George McCrae – I Get Lifted and James Brown – Funky Popcorn.

Now not too many people know or are aware of this, but the song Bitch Get Lifted was also used on Ronnie Rons’ Gangsta-Lation Album in 2000 and the 2003 album Bloody Mary – Day of Resurrection.

This World We Live In deals with the problems of the world. The song also deals with B Brazy’s own personal problems and thoughts. Not just gangbanging. This is real. You know. People say the justice system is a joke.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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