Review: Joey Cool – The Chairman of the Board

Joey Cool – The Chairman of the Board is one of the most colorful abstract rap albums of 2022. This album uses a more high quality sound than most raps albums that are already out there. He brings out the swankiness and jazziness in his 2022 Strange Music album. Joey Cool made this album for him and for your enlightenment. One thing is for certain is that Joey Cool is a true storyteller. This album was for the gangsters as you have songs based of real life mobsters and

Kingsman explained Joey’s lineage since he came from a long line of hustlers and swanksters. There ain’t no shaming since Joey Cool keeps it G like Kingsman. But can you blame him? Y’all don’t hear him tho!

Joey Cool comes from a long line of swanksters rubbin shoulders with the gangsters and with the owners of the nightclubs along with those jazzy lounge singers. Uncle Harold was a stylist for Diahann Carroll and Harry Belalfonte. You can ask his mother Cheryl. He had a celly at the center that everyone called him Joe Camaro. Bill Johnson told Joey Cool that he is the 2nd coming pharaoh.

Joey Cool comes from a long line of hustlers and swanksters rubbin shoulders with the gangsters. A straight product of environment. He likes to think he can be a beacon of advice for the gangsters out there. All based on the action he provides. You gotta be much more thought provoking when you speak to Joey Cool.

Joey tells everyone that he is far from done because the best has/is yet to come on the swanky song The Best Is Yet To Come.

Joey has got something to say. There’s good news coming today. The best is yet to come. Because Joey is a long way from being done. Open the door because he is going to rap all night. Joey says the best has yet to come because he is not done. He has got a long way to go.

He had a goal to makе it here today. He’s here to stay. People see his upward glow. The fear of never making it to destinations was the clearest way was something that once bothered him but is no longer a worry for him. He walked around with a facade and acted like he was terrific. Joey hopes people are hearin’ him. The manic in him with 24 karat as the mood was swinging. Joey raps about somebody different every time.

Joey raps about how he feels like he is living in the Harlem Renaissance and running the numbers like famous mobster Casper Holstein on the song Casper Holstein.

Joey is feeling like he is in the Harlem Renaissance where they don’t give any warnings. They just send them shots. He has got money. That weight can hold you under like a cinder block. It was humble beginnings in both life and music. Even though he was hard headed as fuck, he continued the sinning. The problem is that people think sinning is differеnt. Like your sin is less than a bettеr decision. His moves are calculated as he values precision. A lot can happen when you are chasing the stardom. But for now Joey is running the numbers like Casper Holstein. Picture Joey rollin on the east side of Harlem collecting tickets. Dreams of swanky dinners with family in Harlem.

The numbers are running up. His niggas are comin up. Everyone gun s for them as they are in the scope. They don’t tolerate no fucking disrespectful shit. They be sayin Joey Cool be actin hella bougie. He knows and is aware that the situation’s delicate. But he don’t do this shit just for the hell of it. Don’t get your panties ruffled. Joey is just tying to build it up and get ahead to live comfortably in life. He sits there sipping saki while eating sushi.

Joey raps about how he operates like former mafia associate Meyer Lansky on the song Lanksy. He was on some vintage shit on this track.

His reputation can awfully proceed itself at times. And now he is on a mission so history doesn’t repeat itself. He can see himself rubbin’ shoulders and mobbin’ with Luck and Bugsy. Somewhere off in Harlem, they run the lotto where shit gets ugly. He hits his Jewish cousin up for tips with money. He’s gotta keep it tight for these people who tryna get it from him. One day he might end up in Miami where it’s beaches and it’s always sunny.

Joey Cool is a gambling man who runs the casino. He bets a grand on black in roulette up in Kansas. Then he bets on roulette again. Banish them from countin’ the numbers like Meyer Lansky.

Joey Cool is an outsider but a rider for crime syndicates. Picture this gentleman gangster actin’ senseless. Not even worth it for you to try makin’ sense of this. He opens another casino and makes some C notes while up in Cuba.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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