Review: Rukus – Homegrown

Rukus – Homegrown is a fresh Afrocentric hip hop album with a blend of world music. The album is totally different from any typical Southern rap album as hip hop/rap meets world music on this album. Rukus uses a smooth flow and witty lyrics with his raps. The lyrics to his songs grab you by the ears and infiltrate your emotions like Tank due to his tasteful and meaningful lyrics. This MC reps Nigeria and the San Antonio to the fullest. You will not want to miss out on listening to this incredible lyricist.

I Pimp is a toast to all pimps out there. I Pimp is one of those braggadocious tracks on the album similar to his song I’m The Best from his 2008 album Can’t Forget. He lets everyone know how and why he is the best.

Rukus proposes a toast to the pimps out there. Nobody is better than Rukus. Yea he said it! He’s half gorilla pimp. So he walks four-legged. He is ready to blow like the weed in your hand. Don’t jump into the cypher when he is beating you. He doesn’t need a label. Rukus rocks the world as if he had the globe in a cradle.

He comes with that 210 flow. His 210 has got you messed up lying in the dirt. Rims got you choked up. It ain’t about the flashy materialistic things.

Rukus pays homage, tribute, and respect to the Motherland of Africa on the song African Queen (Remix). He reps the green and white (Nigeria) throughout the song. African Queen (Remix) mirrors life realistically in many countries located on the continent of Africa. Rukus also pays homage, tribute, and respect to his country of Nigeria.

Known as the king of the remix, Rukus always adds that extra special element to tracks. The song has a vibe of high energy and happiness. The hit single “African Queen (Remix)” received airplay in the US, UK, Nigeria, and Ghana. His touching rap remix to TuFace’s “African Queen” garnered attention from the United Nations. The song was chosen as part of a compilation album with proceeds to aid in the fight against poverty.

He smiles when touches the land of Nigeria and the continent of Africa. Rukus is in love with the African culture despite the crime, poverty, and corruption.

The song Ride With Me is a mid tempo paced Afrocentric rap song with a small touch of acoustics. The song has a vibe of high energy and happiness. Yet oddly enough there is a lack of instrumentalness and reverb. The song Ride With Me has a tempo of 100 BPM and is played in the G Major key (9B Camelot).

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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