Review: MC Breeze – The Young Son Of No One

MC Breeze – The Young Son Of No One is one of the lesser known and extremely forgotten rap albums of 1989. Somehow this album managed to slip through the cracks despite being released on a major record label with a huge financial backing. It’s a shame Breeze didn’t blow up like LL Cool J with his precise flow that was on point. He should have had more longevity in the rap since he was a precise lyrical rapper.

The legendary LA Posse and DJ Pooh produced this album. This album showcased some of DJ Pooh’s earlier productions. The album is very East Coast sounding despite being released on the West Coast based label Capitol Records. And having West Coast production from West Coast producers. Irregardless of peoples expectancies, MC Breeze brought the West Coast breeze and finesse on this album. The album is filled with hype beat to keep you compelled towards listening to this album with loads of lyrics. He murders his rhymes with his raps.

T.Y.S.O.N. explained how MC Breeze is the young son of no one. T.Y.S.O.N. is an acronym of The Young Son Of No One. MC Breeze is The Young Son Of No One in rap. He describes and compares his fighting, boxing, and rapping style to famous boxing champion Mike Tyson. He uses the acronym T.Y.S.O.N. to gives props to Mike Tyson. MC Breeze raps about how he’ll be the next heavyweight champion of the world. The beats are not weak as they are hype.

They never riff or cause Breeze to panic. Or make Breeze resort to his old time antics. He refuses to lose. He is always winning. Breeze is a person that will never duck you in a battle of freestyle. So hit the highway and just truck on. You can’t be under so low under this solo artist. Cause ain’t nobody hittin’ like Tyson. Breeze is going the full length. Way out. MC Breeze is The Young Son Of No One in rap.

MC Breeze has been crowned The Young Son Of No One. Not only is he a fighter, he is a poet, prophet, resurrector, and is the savior of the boxing world. If it wasn’t for him the game would be dead. The Young Son Of No One means that he is the son of none.

Suckers are steadily chasing him. So stop keeping him back. His step is kept. So let him rule the music industry. The top of hip hop where rap is taking him. All promotional hype. That’s why he wrote this song. Tyson is an adjective to describe the kid. Tyson hits hard but the kid is hitting harder. Throwing cuts, stabs, hooks, jabs, and bolos. Unders and overs. Quick to throw them up.

It’s not many, if any, who can throw those like MC Breeze. Admit it. His game plan is printed. It ended in round one. This young handsome man can’t possibly be beaten. It is true that MC Breeze does a lot of talking. And everything he says he means to back it up.

MC Breeze is killing at will and can still get fresher when the beat is kinda hype with his soaking in sweat. You might damage a dome but he is breaking them. Just like how a Tyson performance is flawless. What percentage of the fans you feel will be coming to see him? And many people believe he’ll be the next heavyweight champion of the world.

MC Breeze shows his listeners how he pulls a fast one with his quick witty lyrics and hype beats on the song Pull A Fast One. MC Breeze raps about how he can quickly change up his flow unexpectedly which is what he means by pull a fast one. He who listens and observes the words MC Breeze lets off. The song was very cutting edge with its distinguished hi-fi sound.

The rap race is like a chase because it seems the envious involve themselves in every envision. They didn’t listen. So MC Breeze is dissing with precision. No one can mess with him. You praise and raise your kids to one day look up to him. He is a myth, gift, and legend to you. He who listens and observes the words MC Breeze lets off. Why don’t you go and pick another rapper’s style to victimize? You, your crew, or whoever the hell you run with.

MC Breeze is blessed with just the style he possesses. He looks in the mirror. The picture is clearer is that he is number one. He doesn’t need another emcee to help him rap to this beat that has got you captured. Every rookie gets ransacked. So who’s next? Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Knowledge and wisdom’s what he brought.

The wack is trying to rap, but lacks the skill. To be a big spender or crack a mill. They need to stop or drop or flop or just lay off. It’s up to MC Breeze to keep the crowd pumping. Make the crowd come alive because he is saying something. Worth listening to and if it was you, you’d probably do the same thing as he’d do. Betting it all that it’s a hit tune. The groove is smooth, but it won’t be the last one. He changed it around and pulled a fast one!

The fluidness, lyrics, energy, and smoothness of Steadily Tryin’ to Flow Like… is commendable. He raps about how he can rap better than you. He murders his rhymes with his raps. It’s murder when he kicks them. Steadily Tryin’ to Flow Like… was ahead of its time.

There’s a difference between MC Breeze and you. Clearly he can prove this. Check the stance, the dance, and the smoothness. The fluidness and the effort. He flows a lot better from the first to the last letter. He is flowing like champagne. Yet you’re still sayin the same thing. That’s a damn shame. How do you think you compare to him? He will double and triple them all compared to your six-dollar stutter.

It’s quite evident that MC Breeze is the one showing intelligence. He murders his rhymes with his raps. It’s murder when he kicks them. Quit claiming that you’re so hype. Kick some logic and avoid a weak topic when you rap. Don’t try to run up because you’ll get done up. Your rap (raps) don’t rate a carat and mine rate a goldmine. Fluid, the way a poet speaks to you. Not only teach to you, but must reach a few.

A lyricist is hearing this and then wonders if they want to get some of this. MC Breeze didn’t come to diss. But he is not letting people play him. Reactions are spontaneous. You’re confused between this dangerous and deadly rapper. MC Breeze can outsmart competitors.

Just read and analyze these lyrics.

There’s a difference between me and you and I can prove this
Check the stance, the dance and the smoothness
The fluidness, the effortless, I guess it’s just
I flow a lot better from the first to the last letter
How do you think you compare to me, brother?
I double and triple em all compared to your six-dollar stutter
I’m flowin like champagne, you’re still sayin the same thing
Tryin’ to maintain, that’s a damn shame
Try to play me out, nah, I’m not havin it
Rhymes are like a victim, it’s murder when I kick em

Goin’ Through a Phase explained how MC Breeze was going through phases at this point in his life as a young adult. These were just some of the things he was going through.

MC Breeze is going through phases in his life as a young adult wondering what was expected of him. For the money or the girls to love him. For the juice, the clout, or recognition. Nah, that’s already an old tradition. Sometimes he thinks to himself and say “Why me?”. Ain’t as easy as it seems as looks are deceiving. This is just a phase he is going through.

Let me explain a phase for you in detail. It’s adapting or interacting to the rapping. Like a maze that he is trapped inside in/of. Like a maze that he is trapped inside in/of. Times are changing change he must challenge those who challenge him. He is more a Legend than a Acura serving up rhymes with a spatula despite all the conflict rap acts come with. He has to adapt with the changes in music styles as time progresses forward. Rap is a gift and he refuses to lose it. Without a doubt it’s something about the music.

Loungin’ calms the mood, vibe, and tone of this album down due to its tranquil sound. Loungin’s (lounging) is a lazy sort of topic. Loungin means to sit back and relax. The object of lounging is to do nothing at all. You just relax and your body gets weak. And sometimes your mind can’t find the time to even think.

Here’s a perfect example of loungin for those who don’t understand. Breeze is glad he had a remote for his television because he did not want to get up. Suddenly he hears a knock on the door. But then he decided he was not going to answer the door if it was skins involved. Then he changed the channel on 4 to chill and watch the Cosby Show.

Then he hears a ring from the phone. Who could it be? That would be the LA Posse calling him. All Breeze heard was bass poundin’. LA Posse asked what Breeze was doing and he replied, “Loungin.” LA Posse told him, “Put on your clothes. Tonight we’re gonna swing it.” Breeze tells them not tonight and hung up the phone. No need to ask what’s happening because you know what he is doing.

Loungin is his hobby like Bo Jackson’s hobby is football. His second occupation is what you could call loungin. Why don’t you chill for a second and give it a break? Whether it’s you or your crew.

MC Breeze says the most quotable stuff in Verse 3 that is very memorable.

[Verse 3: Breeze]
So now you know what loungin means, so just proceed to
Do what I do, don’t ask why because you need to
Sit back, relax, in fact take a chill
If you don’t or you won’t don’t worry because I still will
Loungin is my hobby like Bo Jackson’s is football
My second occupation is what you could call
It, it’s not a sport, there’s no scores, no point scored
What we have in common I found out we take time-outs
Yo, there ain’t no halftime after I say my last rhyme
Handed down to generations, a favorite pasttime
You can’t lounge, who the hell you think you’re foolin’
You need some lounge schoolin’ and I’mma keep coolin’
Who needs to be hype on every record you make
Why don’t you chill for a second and give it a break
I’m speakin’ to whoever, whether it’s you or your crew’n
No need to get excited cause you know what I’m doin’

MC Breeze was the first rapper to rap about boxing in a song about relaxation, leisure, and laziness. That is what is unique about this song. Yo, there ain’t no halftime after he says his last rhyme. In Verse 2, he makes references to famous championship boxer Mike Tyson.

[Verse 2: Breeze]
And for all you fight fans, boxing is the subject
The fight of the year, at least that’s what we all thought
Went to Atlantic City and a ticket I bought
Watched all the other boring fights, now here’s the main event
And it better be good cause all my money is spent
The fight was Tyson and the Spinks Jinx, and, ‘oh brother’…
From the opening bell he was running for cover
Shaky to start and none of his punches landed
Tyson hit the fool and he almost got branded
Changed his approach, looked like he started to get busy
But he started to get dizzy, I’m wonderin’ is he
Have hope, nope, op, here came a shot to body
He fell to one knee but he got up around 3
The Spinks Jinx wasn’t nothin’ but a hoax
You don’t believe me, watch the tape where he flew through the ropes
91 seconds is all the time it needed
For him to get beat, you know, defeated
Yo, the People’s Champion is what he claimed
Talkin smack got him cracked and almost maimed
Didn’t get up till they cleaned up, he really took a poundin
Asked my man this when he hit the canvas:
Yo Spinks, what you doin’ man?
Eh… I’m loungin

L.A. Posse is a song that showcased the legendary timeless production from his in-production team LA Possse. The song has Los Angeles written all over it due to the West Coast production and sound from LA Posse.

It’s time to rhyme. Keep it in mind Breeze is gifted with the strength to go the length. And if it’s rough enough to keep the crowd in a standstill, they catch contact from a rhyme that’s ill. You heard some station, wondered it’s smooth. Done by one nation under a groove. None other can match MC Breeze. I’m sure you envy this. His jam will slay us.

Girls on My Mind discussed the girl problems MC Breeze has been having. He went a little LL Cool J with this song regarding subject matter, style, and prowess.

Girls are a subject that Breeze thinks of every hour. While he is relaxing, sitting down, or takin a shower. There ain’t a time in the day when he doesn’t think “How’s Renee?”. Or even wondering who or which girl he is screwing today? Shanay or Fay?

He is done with runaways. He was a girl that is legal age of consent. A night with Breeze and she’s gonna fly like an eagle. He is sitting here confused and amused about the last girl he spoke to. Picking up his phone and forgetting who to ask for. He freaks a few of the girls that he speaks to over the phone. He can walk the streets with girl and still sneak a peek or two at another girl. You have got to understand. MC Breeze has got girls on his mind.

Breeze is getting real good at this. It seems the more girls he loses the more he seems to be getting. Breeze has got so much game. He has got time to talk to you as he has so much game. Your girl’s next on the schedule.

Once he called a dame by the wrong name and almost got strangled. Talking about, “Wait a sec, at least until I get to know ya.” Then soon as she says “Oh,” . That’s when she starts to say Breeze owes her. This dame was impressed by his status and the rules he is enforcing. He is never selling out or talking to girls that knows will cost him. He will not talk to gold diggers that are pimping other men.

On the song Scene of the Homicide, MC Breeze wants the listener to image what it’s like to grip the mic and try to flow on. MC Breeze is hitting you with the lyrical gunshot. MC Breeze compares witnessing the scene of a homicide to gripping the mic and flowing on.

Yo, just imagine. You sit and witness the scene of a homicide. Your whole world’s traumatized and mesmerized. That’s what it’s like to grip the mic and try to flow on. Your sentences a run-on full of so forths and so ons. Who inspired you Who the hell hired you? Whoever the swine need to find time to fire you because you don’t quite meet the standards of excellence. Claimin’ you a gigolo but ain’t had sex since.

How many times must Breeze ask you? Show him an example on to make a sample sound hype. Check the levels and make sure the record’s on. Show him the time of the crime. A murder’s in progress. Put out an APB. The trigger is him best friend. So I suggest you keep your distance. Don’t come close or push up. You’ll be greeted by a bunch of heated fiends. Because love don’t live here. And this is what it’s like at the scene of a homicide. It’s like an eerie feeling.

Yo foolio! What you’re doing on the mic stand? You watched the hook but you forgot about his right hand. It’s automatic even though it’s done manual. If this don’t faze you, this makes him wonder how good you are and where do you come from. It doesn’t matter if Muff slays the drummer. The difference between you and the others is you’re dumber.

He’s about had it with you. What’s the matter with you? Now you’re steppin’ on the mic starting static with who? Because you was shy and all that. Don’t expect any affection. Just look for protection from punches comin’ in every direction. How do you find the time to even talk on? So while the pedal is pushed, just enjoy the ride as we venture to the scene of a homicide.

It’s too short to count on life support. You either get caught out there or come up short. Is he supposed to be scared of somebody that you’re down with? Breeze is not easily intimidated. You couldn’t scare him with a mask and a sheet on. It’s like you’re on the street corner on the avenue and hangin’ from the lights is the noose used to hang you. Forget what you say because he doesn’t wanna hear your side. It’ll be you who’s the victim at the scene of the homicide.

Gripping the mic and flowing on is like murder in the first degree when you’re stiff just laying there with a yellow sheet over it and you wait on a brown van to come so a coroner can get out and pronounce you dead at the scene of a homicide. You might get murdered if you step into the homicide scene.

Just imagine, you sit and witness the scene of a homicide
Your whole world’s traumatized, mesmerized
That’s what it’s like to grip the mic and try to flow on
Your sentences a run-on full of so-forths and so-ons
Who inspired you, who the hell hired you?
Whoever the swine need to find time to fire you
Cause you don’t quite meet the standards of excellence
Claimin’ you a gigolo but ain’t had sex since
How many times must I ask you
Show me an example on to make a sample sound hype
Check the levels, make sure the record’s on
Show em the time of the crime (right, right)
A murder’s in progress, put out an APB
The trigger is my best friend, so what I’m suggestin’
You keep your distance, don’t come close or push up
You’ll be greeted by a bunch of heated n* sayin (What’s up)
Defeat you, beat you, seat you in the Greyhound
Cause love don’t live here, hops, so just stay down
I’m not to be played because I take pride
And this is what it’s like at the scene of a homicide

Great Big Freak is about Breeze giving instruction on how to rap a freak.

Breeze is here to give you some instruction on how to rap a freak. He is swingin’ and bringin’ you new styles to speak on. You can’t stop the freak on this subject made public on human nature. This is a free seminar. So grab a pen and a sheet. What you think about steppin’ to a funky beat that’s movin’ you? You know tactful ways of gathering. It’s many but the speed may vary. Go with the flow with a freak. You know you want to.

He is known to bust through in a tight situation as your legs are closed and you’re froze from hesitation. Far from a gigolo he is. Breeze is not the innocent brother you thought he was. Everything is raw. There is nothing violent or as hardcore as Breeze. New reachings of excitement just to play around with. Something to hold on and this is the sound.

Breeze slayed the hooks and the hook to this song on Watch the Hook. Snares were added to enhance his raps.

And while you’re sittin’ there kickin’ yourself, son, watch the hook. Kick the beat with the help from the drum sticks. Add a snare and a clap to enhance the rap. It’s hard to figure a way to believe in these things goin’ through tracks and flowin’ through raps poorly. MC Breeze is telling you it’s time for you to kneel before him. He is not dissing you. He is just eliminating wastе. You didn’t get the hint. You couldn’t break the kid, Now take a look.

Watch the hook. It’s designed to catch you and get you. Don’t try to stray away because your body won’t let you. And I bet by the end of the lecture, you get the picture and soon forget. His plan is to just stay healthy and live life wealthy. Now just stop and look to watch the hook. He will get ill when the music soaks in. Then automatically rhyme at random. The hook is like a knock-out blow.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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