Review: K-Rino – Tele-K-Nesis

K-Rino – Tele-K-Nesis was one of K-Rino’s many albums that flew under the radar of course. Tele-K-Nesis showcases K-Rino’s versatility in a number of styles from battle raps to story tracks down to political tracks. His lyricism and delivery is unfadable. This is conscious rap at its best which showcases some of the best lyricism. Honestly K-Rino – Tele-K-Nesis is one of the most overlooked Houston rap albums of 2022. This is also one of his more political albums too.

K-Rino raps about how writes and treats his music for his fans based on reality rap on I Do This For Real.

K-Rino does his music for the real ones who put their life into this. He came from battling on street corners and then bathrooms. When trouble hit code red, he stayed when most fled. He started his mission in the rawest conditions. He came from doing shows with promoters for no bread. It’s true that in this music if proven, K-Rino has been through it. K-Rino has seen rappers bail after their album sales decline and they take their first L. So when they came and left and came again he was still here.You get better by practicing while everyone else sleeps. That is what these lyrics mean.

I saw a lot of artists bail after thеir work fail
I saw ’em lose hope and quit after their first L
In moments I feel fear, my vocals was real clear
The good Lord bless me, ain’t skipping no steps, G

Him not being Top 10 wasn’t an option. The lazy ones drop head first with a top spin. How the hell you expecting a check but won’t clock in? The money gets got by the work not a hot mouth. A lot of them got knocked out tryna get block clout.

You ain’t a real factor. You up in this backwards. People ain’t stupid. When you are faking they see through it. In life you get whooped the most by what you love. K-Rino stayed real as he never took the shortcut and walked through high grass. Bunch of script reading rappers are nothing but actors.

These lyrics explain how a bunch of script reading rappers are nothing but actors.

And when I didn’t have a team, I played all the positions
Some of y’all handle it wrong when all glamor is gone
I don’t turn into a character ’cause a camera is on
Ain’t never been an imitator milking the trend

I supported a bunch of cats who ain’t support me back
Got smart ’cause at any minute the trouble could spark
Trying to balance the business part with the love of the art

Something To Lose is about when you’ve got too much on the line once you’ve got something to lose. You don’t waste your time dealing with a fool who got something to prove.

When you’ve got too much on the line once you’ve got something to lose. You don’t waste your time dealing with a fool who got something to prove. When you learn to live under them rules, you’ll maneuver like a boss does.

Don’t hang with people who don’t want nothing. No hustle, no drive, and won’t ever own nothing. You grew up in the same hood and around the same age. You started grinding. Now you good. Your childhood friend is at the samе stage since childhood. You can’t force a grown person out thеir playing-games phase.

Food Poisoned exposed how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) keeps fooling citizens by adding deadly additives and fake food in the food supply. And the horrifying part about it is the Food and Drug Administration approves it all. The food industry is murderous. Most of the food you eat is hazardous and cancerous. We eat a lot but still suffer from malnourishment. Every day we being food-poisoned. These are the horrifying and unfortunate aspects of the food industry in the United States.

The food industry is murderous. Most of the food you eat is hazardous and cancerous. We eat a lot but still suffer from malnourishment. You gotta understand the plan is just to cancel us. If it ain’t healthy then maybe it has a deeper use. What is the purpose of manufacturing seedless fruit? They study natural properties and make a carbon copy. So even when you think you eating healthy, you may not be.

This “so-called food” has no nutritional value in it of any kind. The Food and Drug Administration keeps on fooling y’all. The Food and Drug Administration approves all the deadly additives and fake food. Those are dyes that color food artificially. Then damage DNA due to genotoxicity. They have a chemical called benzidine that physically helps to contribute to cancer cases specifically. One chemical with many poison elements. They produce food that hasn’t been reproduced.

There’s no avoiding it. They poison you through every means. They putting soy in everything and that’s a deadly bean. Bad habits provide us under a massive strain. One of the worst food additives is aspartame. You’ll find it in your diet soda and your chewing gum. It’s even been proven to decrease your intelligence.

This is why gotta grow your own crops. But they’ll sell you fake seeds that you can’t flip. Fake seed and fake food is disastrous to one’s health. Because if it’s natural, it reproduces after itself. That means that you gotta go back to them to buy some more. We gotta teach that learning to farm is beautiful. The only farm they want us on is pharmaceuticals. Make sure your fish is wild-caught before you taste it. Because they are lacing fish with toxins when they farm-raise it. They make fake fruit and spray up all the vegetables. But most of what you eat is genetically modified.

We could have had a whole nation of healthy people. Instead we’re living on a planet full of sugar addicts. They got us hooked on this killer drug like fiends. But you don’t want no cocaine, you want some ice cream. So with obesity, increasingly you’re worse and sicker. Dangerous levels of sugar overloading your blood. High fructose is dangerous to the consumer.

The high amount of toxins in you overworks your liver. Your organs start to get bothered because they’re working harder. The food makers you embrace will say the food is great using monosodium glutamate to improve the taste. That’s MSG, and the effects of it will crash you. It’s all up in your potato chips and your fast food. Cardiovascular disease and inflammation hits you. What does it do? It kills cells and it wrecks your brain. Your heart changes and your weight sees excessive gain. The worms start in your colon until your brain is reached.

They’re making billions. The food industry ain’t teaching you what not to eat. The food industry is based on evil and greed. The chances of a clean raise cower thin to none. The more you eat pig, the more you turn into one. On the tv and the radio, they shatter lives. They false-advertise to sell meat and make money. They’ll make a commercial and tell you something you gotta try. Man, they don’t care about you getting sick and dropping dead because if they teach immune system health, it stops them from making money (bread). Now what’s the human life expectancy? It’s not long.

Division of the Masses explained how we as people are divided by the government and mass media. This is spiritual and physical collisions of the classes.

Was the system built for oppression or is it broken? Ask of who crafted the ignorance we practice. This is systemic entrapment by sacrilegious bastards. This is spiritual and physical collisions of the classes. Division of the masses. Spiritual and physical collisions of the classes is division of the masses. This is division of the masses. Farrakhan told us what’s happening. America’s unraveling.

The song has politically charged lyrics such as these.

Police killing unarmed blacks out in the open
Permission to harass us and rip us into fragments
And left nothing to salvage as we’re sifting through the ashes
And when you protest, you’rе an animal or a radical
This from the same folks who supported rushing thе Capitol
Deflecting and distracting ya with an ax to the back of ya
And this country America’s the master human trafficker

And strong normalization of bombing the nation
Every era’s guilty of human experimentation so hospital patients are a strategic creation
They’ll probably never admit that nepotism exists
The new trick is to convince us racism’s a myth
Submissive women against a feminine set of rules
Two parents won’t work together, all we do is accuse

The anti-gun activists battle the gun advocates
Check the news, your child might get shot up at the school
‘Cause weapons are now accessible to any reckless fool
They tamper with nature, that’s why this nation is set to lose
Tryna change the gender rules so that children get to choose
Deception of the faithless, the pressure to escape this
Infested with the sweater, the molesters and the rapists

We broke from supplying the paper the church is making
Different denominations, a million interpretations
People frequently speaking on who they able sleep with
Beefing over the choice to abort a baby or keep it
The lies of a president who tells you that he’s righteous
The eyes and the ears of your cellular devices

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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