Review: jaytea – Sweettooth E.P.

jaytea’s Sweettooth EP says more about itself than a columnist can. Using simple mechanics in these songs to minimize the amount boisterousness EDM music is known to have. This whole entire EP is filled with numerous/several musical rabbit-holes that are way ahead of time. This lo-fi deep house EP uses a touch of electro-pop and rap. There is rap in songs such as 512. This EP in its entirety was written, directed, performed, and produced by Joshua Gabriel Ché Torres at his studio in Austin, Texas under the alias “jaytea”.

Foreign Touch is about feeling that loved one you’ve been missing on seeing very much. To reach a certain amount of intimacy is what one desires.

If you love again do you think that you’ll be safe. You think you need a foreign touch to ease the pain. Each night you are during for their love. Never satisfied with what they take. Never quell with what you find is what they say. Round and round these troubled thoughts swarm through your head.

The song 512 is an electro-pop song where electro-pop, EDM, and rap meet each other. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear the rap. The song 512 was a dedication to the whole city of Austin, Texas.

jaytea is ballin out for his city like he’d die for it. He is the hometown hero with the jive homie. Let jaytea know if you can vibe for him. He totes around a thrift piece from Manchaca to the ’53 (78753). And a top notch in his white tee. He commits white collar crimes in the rhythm department since he is from a totally weird city. That is why he is always doing weird weird shit. But wriggle if you feel him. Disco with the 512 on the bassline.

Here is an example of some rap in the song.

JT the jack of all trades
2 nimble too quick
This is a fact
Sharp silver toungue like a goose its a gat
Drippin mad verbs in your ears like I’m Fat Pat
Serving mad scats on a house track
Cause all I’ve ever been about was knowing how to…

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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