Review: jaytea – Despierta

jaytea – Despierta is one of the more unique lo-fi house releases from Austin, Texas for 2022. jaytea used advanced in these songs to maximize the amount boisterousness EDM music is known to have. This is certainly an indietronica release with a bit of rap. One can certainly call this EP a work of art. Love seems to be the theme of this EP as there are several songs that are filled with romance. This whole entire EP is filled with numerous/several musical rabbit-holes that are way ahead of time. This EP in its entirety was written, directed, performed, and produced by Joshua Gabriel Ché Torres at his studio in Austin, Texas under the alias “jaytea”.

Pushing Buttons is one of the more provocative songs on the album where jaytea plays the role of a criminal that gets out of pocket as he tries to get a policewoman’s attention for some love and affection. The song uses a bit of rap.

jaytea has been a felon since he has been in and out of a policewoman’s docket. He’s got her penance. She keeps tabs on jaytea to make sure he is in pocket. He just wants half of this sentence. He is up for parole but she won’t budge. jaytea wants his lawyer because he won’t say a word without representation. Maybe they are better off on their own ways. But first she has to convict him. Catch him fencing his heartache in. His corrupt crop she is so proud of. But she won’t let her emotions show.

And what will she do when jaytea doesn’t want her love? Who will she hurt when she can’t push his buttons no more? How about she turn in her badge and her gun? Does she commit every crime that jaytea is charged of? Who will she chase when he says he won’t run to her? What will she try when he is done and has got a clue? She is the cop and the criminal. She is the judge and the jury. He is in the chains but she knows she is deserving.

jaytea is out on bond now but she’s cruising around like she’s gotta convince him. Looking for warmth but she is acting so cold and composed to the wrong one. Too much ‘search and seizure”. Too much ‘stop and frisk’. That’s how she gets caught up. jaytea sees she is slipping and losing her touch. He sees her flirtin’ and doing too much. Being single must be tough. He’ll be just fine when push comes to shove. Now jaytea is back in cuffs. And she is back in these streets playing the victim.

Songkiller is one of the more interesting songs on the EP with an interesting concept. The song is about an Android that mysteriously fell into jaytea’s lap by way of discovery back in September 2017. jaytea claimed this Android has singlehandedly had the greatest contribution to ‘Pop Music’ the world has ever known. In and of herself, she is a spectacle of human engineering. While creating this monster, jaytea has sonically found a friend. Thus he named the Android “Ximena”. However her ability to wield every single one of his commands to an almost sarcastic degree of finesse has jaytea frightened for control over this musical endeavor of his.

Here is how jaytea described the song Songkiller.:

In September of 2017 I made a discovery that would change my life forever. Since 1965, an Android who has singlehandedly had the greatest contribution to ‘Pop Music’ the world has ever known fell into my lap by way of discovery. Under much deliberation and ridicule from peers and colleagues I’ve decided to liberate her from her automatronic shackles of yesteryear and give her a thorough modern reconstruction.

After successfully launching the Operating System “Spellbook 43.222” I’ve decided to name her “Ximena”.
In and of herself she is a spectacle of human engineering but her ability to wield my commands to an almost sarcastic degree of finesse has me frightened for control over this Musical Endeavor.

Her recognition of my very human capabilities has turned me into her hostage. My feelings and expressions have become just another instrument to use in each song we fight to create. I don’t know if I’ll survive against her in each of our attempts to control each song. But in creating this monster, I have sonically found a friend.

Sometime in September of 2017, jaytea stumbled toward a cavern underneath an ancient studio. Producers poaching used segments of her code for use in songs and movies. As well as advertisements, ballads, boogies, anthems, cumbias, and new wave tunes. Even post-punk skank to southern swooning. A pre-constructed songstress was doing most of the work.

But the story takes a twist when it was fate who had decided that only jaytea could repair her. As only he could see her worth. Her decade vial had been completely exhausted. The lacquer was left unpolished. Valves and slides had rusted shut controls that he couldn’t find. A puppet is now a puppet master. An instrument of all disaster. A femme fatale in alabaster. And jaytea is now her faithful concubine with her voice-box broken. He is her last love token. Speaking to her audience in a year she thought couldn’t find. She said “Sing to me my sharp dark mechanic. I’ll give you all the words that I know you couldn’t hide.” jaytea is most certainly a geek for the feeling. He is in love with the Songkiller Andriod.

Something’s gone wrong. Her sound made was for the radio. They fight and fight. And yet each sound it still survives.
He writes his fingers to the bone to keep up with her pace. Their relationship is nominal. He is climbing up the Everest prosperous of her design. Heaven only knows the bastard that jaytea has become. And yet her melody falls like laurels primmed upon his brow Each track is like a sound of war. Is she the Songkiller or is jaytea?

The man and the machine compete in beats and seam in stride. His work is completed at last. All of his goals at once succeeded. Motion controls complete once they come online. jaytea plays his sounds for her. But she knows the chord and the riff. Even cadence he delivers. Production dwarfed by her A.I..Text upon a screen and a language in her noise he never heard before the two of them connected through her work. jaytea said, “The sound of course is yours but the sequence will be mine.” Pieces of her song. A voice in rhythm with her mind. Forever he will cherish.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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