Review: Ganksta Gank – When We Ride

Ganksta Gank – When We Ride is another one of the most overlooked Detroit rap albums in existence from 2001 that is hardly ever mentioned whenever Detroit rap is brought up in a conversation. His album is laced with ultra thick heavy bass and those thick beats over explicit hardcore street rap lyrics which leave a long lasting memorable impression in people’s minds. In other words, those ultra thick heavy bass and those thick beats are what make the album stand out along with the lyrics. His album also has that tight eerie Detroit sound as every single song has those gritty G-Funk sounds. This is that gritty dirty Detroit shit from Plymouth Road.

You will find such a gloomy and realistic atmosphere on the song New World Hustle. Certainly the sound is definitely appealing. This is just an example of reality rap.

The song Round Trip uses some new style futuristic G-Funk sounding production that was certainly way ahead of time by 2001 standards. The song still stands the test of time today. The high levels of brehsiveness in this song cannot be explained. The guest features are on point as well.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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