Review: Me Phi Me – Sad New Day

The Me Phi Me – Sad New Day single demo was a cassette with hand drawn artwork in ink format by Mr. Me Phi Me himself. This demo had 5 songs and was released in 1992.

This Me Phi Me demo had songs that were on the One album. The Me Phi Me single demo is a socially conscious worldly alternative hip hop/rap album with minimal to no profanity. Everyone can listen to this album including the whole family. The album deals with real topics such as combating homelessness, politics, hopefulness, positivity, and self integrity. The album has some truth and knowledge that was sadly overlooked in the era of pop and gangsta rap. Me Phi Me was the PM Dawn of Flint, Michigan and Flint rap. To sum it all up, the Me Phi Me demo is a world music album itself.

Sad New Day shows spiritual awareness. The song is a surrealistic perspective and insight of society’s outcasts who become inspired by the positive rhymes of this hip-hop innovator. Me Phil Me on the same level as PM Dawn with spiritual awareness in their music.

Verse 1 shows spiritual awareness of being mentally locked down. Trying to break free from being mentally locked down is not easy. You to be in total control of your actions. Read the lyrics.

[Verse 1]
Pain, it’s as dark as the night
Keeps you up-tight
Forever you fight
You try to break the bondage you experience
Deranged, delirious, mentally serious
Tell ME how do I break the chains on my brain
My mind, my body, my soul
I need total control
Of my freedom and my liberty
When will it be for all?
All Berlin walls must fall
The physical torture and mental oppression
The anguish of depression
Life is a lesson
That you’ve got to study hard because the hard times
Are grippin’ and whippin’
Quit slippin’
Don’t be a slave just create a positive state
Don’t break just make and take
Be great
Don’t be controlled just be strong never doubt your tomorrow
And we’ll hear you scream out…

When it rains it pours for pain is a force. Let happiness be your source and keep goin’ for yours. Let happiness be and your life and over come the sadness. Choose the right path in life.

Verse 3 highlights how life is special.

[Verse 3: Me Phi Me]
Solar energy within ME all through ME
It’s the sun full of light bringing power and might
All right makin’ everything start to swing
You be the king or queen of your own dream
Life can be supreme, it’s a special thing
Just keep the faith through the night time
You operate smooth and you might find
All of the loving, the bliss, the joy — a happy deal
Friendship and jubilee, you live The Elysian fields
For real — you need to feel unchained and free
Into the ME PHI ME
And you are in the rat race, so put on your gym shoes
Run emphatically, step on them blues
Choose the right path and be on your way
And you’ll be able to say
What a wonderful life!

Keep It Goin’ is a song about individuality. Individuality motivates us to keep on going. Individuality is key to a great personality. My brothas and sistas, this is a beautiful song. This song was the theme for the short lived Fox TV show Tribeca.

The first verse explains the philosophy of individuality and self-love.

[Verse 1]
Shine, like the sun at noontime
Light the path that leads to a new mind
Look into my mind and what do you see
Can you handle my philosophy:
Love yourself and you will never go wrong
Because self-esteem is like a real live party
It keeps me going all night long

You heard the rhythm and saw the mechanism. What a funky system. Fighting the battle for joy and euphoria is something we (can) all strive for. Show them what happens when you’re proud and strong. You keep going all night long. Something about every person is great. We need more members to add to the sunshine. So come sign up if you got what it takes.

A smile for yourself it helps to bring your mind to realize you dreams. Attitude helps keep you flow and go. Never take a break from loving yourself.

Black Sunshine deals with homelessness. Me Phi Me was so far ahead of his time with his song. Me Phi Me performs on Black Sunshine using an acoustic guitar. Homelessness and vagrancy are issues which still plagues societies today. The song still has relevance with today’s audience.

The first verse of this Me Phi Me song explains homelessness and vagrancy in a nutshell.

This old box is all I own
I call it home
I live life like an animal
It’s not understandable
I’m just like you
But you don’t live alone
Call me the lonely man
I’m trying to make a stand
On the dignity that God has given me
But it’s so hard for me to follow that plan
When my favorite restaurant is a garbage can
Every morning I see Black Sunshine
It’s in my mind
As the world pretends they don’t see
I can’t fit in no one wants me
From the dark light
The world is unkind
Black Sunshine, Black Sunshine
No matter where I look
There’s no shade from
Black sunshine beaming it’s dark light
On every move I make

Me Phi Me calls out the government along with society for not helping out the homeless the way in which they should. Me Phi Me criticizes society for turning the other cheek against homelessness. People wouldn’t know how it feels to be homeless unless they were once that position themselves.

Who can help the homeless don’t you know
You’re never gonna hide behind the sunglasses
If your brother’s hands are tied
You got to wipe some asses
So men will survive the night
Let the Black Sunshine turn bright

Pu’ Sho Hands 2 Getha served as the closer for this demo. The song was an appropriate choice to be the closing track for this demo because of the title. Pu’ Sho Hands 2 Getha was recorded and mixed at Concept Sound Studios in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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