Review: Dizzy Wright – Slidin’ and Glidin’

Dizzy Wright – Slidin’ and Glidin’ is one of those positive rap albums people need to listen to. This album has positive uplifting raps that uplift people and educate them. There is conscious rap in songs such as Tryna Prepare Me. Very little autotune is used which is refreshing to hear. There is hardly a presence of those annoying trap beats or drill beats. Dizzy Wright – Slidin’ and Glidin’ is one of the lesser known rap albums from 2021.

Not Enough explains how there is not enough support from the city of Las Vegas, Nevada for him. The support’s just not there. Dizzy Wright was the first nigga (rapper) out of Las Vegas that was born out in Flint, Michigan. Maybe that’s the energy the city is against. Maybe they just want somebody else to get it in. It’s hard to comprehend the kind of world he is living in. People ask him what he is doing and he tells them “Not enough.”

If you ask Dizzy, he thinks he reps the city well. Sometimes he can’t really tell if he gets any love or not. He kept it real with the world and they wanted fairytales. He started developing habits without knowing it. There’s a lot Dizzy is going through but he doesn’t show it. Dizzy is focused on himself. That’s why he wasn’t in the mix. They give you expectations for you to keep it lit. And if you don’t follow it they unfollowing. Everything that come through the city they gon’ copy it. That’s why everything everyone else does, Dizzy does the exact opposite. He is the type of person to try to learn from almost every L (loss).

He sees the red light but he can’t stop. He is running through this light. He is going to accept every opportunity that comes to him. But life is like a game of dominos.

Tryna Prepare Me told the story of how Dizzy’s grandfather was preparing Dizzy for life.

The grandfather took Dizzy under his wing. He was just young at the time and young in the mind. The goal was for Dizzy to survive. Dizzy’s grandfather was preparing Dizzy for life. He saw the pressure being applied. That’s why he is quick on his feet when he is caught by surprise. He knows there are millions of brothers out there that had a similar situation as his. Back then there was no internet for proof. So he can’t imagine what everyone else was going through. Comparing lives to the next online trying to find someone to impress.

Record labels giving out more money nowadays. But the real rap artists are start coming out less. Dizzy is not going to waste his breath tryna win y’all over for something that’s been exposed. Real niggas tryna infiltrate a fake industry. It’s really getting old. He was taught to speak up loader and don’t be afraid to project your voice.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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