Review: Lil Mark / Justin Harris – We Are Maschine EP

The Lil Mark / Justin Harris – We Are Maschine release is an EP showcasing the growth of Lil Mark’s musical presence in the electronic industry. This EP from Lil Mark uses a more progressive house sound than a tech house sound as most of his singles and EPs do. The layer of beats inside the songs are much thinner than usual. Not to mention a much more digitally processed sound. Perfect posh British electronic music from the United Kingdom.

Lil Mark / Justin Harris – We Are Maschine was released as a digital download on junodownload in November 2013. The EP was meant to be a digital EP. Sorry. There is no physical format for this EP.

MADM uses an upbeat tempo of 126 BPM to a layer of thin beats and synths. The whole song is an instrumental. Lil Mark and Justin Harris produced this song together in 2012 and had released the song as a digital single in 2013.

We Are Maschine is where things start to pick up. This song uses a much more thick layer of beats. Notice the claps, kicks, snares, and cymbal clashes. Kicks and snares used on this song are much thicker than MADM. The song uses layers of multi-instruments. At least electronically. We Are Maschine is the best progressive house song of 2013.

Plug It In uses a mixture of electronic, techno, and progressive house music. Vocal samples explaining how instruments were designed for people to use were included on this song. The song included samples from a movie of sorts.

I rate this EP 4/5****!!

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