Review: Twiztid – Electric Lettuce

Twiztid – Electric Lettuce is the “marijuana EP” from Twiztid. The EP is heavily themed around marijuana usage as the twisted horrorcore rap duo Twiztid indulges in the marijuana smog. What’s kind of unique about this marijuana is the trap beats which are filtered beneath their vocals. Those trap beats are infectious. This EP is a step in a totally different direction musically speaking. So smell the piss, the perfume. Indulge in the marijuana smog. Listen to the marijuana themed storytelling. Be a part of the start of greatness and be a part of the start of brehsiveness. Be a part of the greatness and be a part of the brehsiveness.

The duo floats on the smoke and the marijuana smog on the song We All Float. Come down here with us where we all float.

What you smokin’ on, player? Oh, never mind. Monoxide doesn’t care. He’s got the blood shot stare. He is fully aware that he is high again but feelin’ like a Leviathan. He used to smoke out of a Heilman back in the day. Madrox and him made a bong out of a violin. He used to come up in a bag. But now they got the bottles in. And now they’re fully throttled like the lotto they just gotta win. It’s his job to try to keep it out the air.

Madrox is throwing rhymes like Batarangs until they’re feelin them. Dealing words with people feeling and repeating them. Sky high like his balloons got some helium. He floats above himself through spirit and a ceiling. And he’ll be ready with a doobie whenever the Reaper comes because everything is way better when you’re baked up. He smokes before he sleeps and wakes up every morning. Drinks over ice and weed on the tray to break up.

Twiztid don’t need no buzz kill. So keep your fuckin’ mouth shut. Smoke them if you got them but it gotta be that top shelf. Only blowin’ outer space. Save the mids for yourself. Puffin’ at a fast pace. This weed session and blunt session is in full effect. Smoke up in the air. What do you expect when connecting with Twizted?

Monoxide is about hit the weed hard like Ngannou. Still he’s got to be so blotto. Monoxide be the real hermano who is about to burn it down pronto. Let the smoke just wallow until the chest feels hollow.

The duo fires up a doobie and lights it up on Light It Up. That is how they lit up this fire ass song. They bring the smoke like a chimnеy. Overall the song has intoxicating vibes. Be a part of the start of greatness and be a part of the start of brehsiveness. Be a part of the greatness and be a part of the brehsiveness.

Monoxide could take your favorite rapper in a matter of minutes, dig a lyrical grave, and dump their ass up in it. Dump their non-lyrical ass up in it. Smokin rappers out the pipe bruh. He ain’t never afraid of pushing the gas to the limit. His eyes diminish from the skies he visits and it provides. Monoxide has got a vision from all the vibes he’s giving. Is feelin like it’s something that all the god’s forgetting lite up. They don’t like it in his weed club. They all say they got the right stuff. We can all run the fade and see who chokes at the finish. You never wanted the smoke. So quit pretending. Light it up or get lit up.

Madrox is off the cerebral dome. This is the hyperlink to hyper shit to stir the blood in the people. A site to see they might believe a vision being retold. Through the eyes of the sculptor look it watch it as they re-mold. Recalibrate and reload this upload look.

In the suspension and they speaking of recognition or acknowledgement. Speaking of hard times and the come up, long days of watching the moon down and the sun up. Always staying high in the grind with a grin. You can get with Twiztid or get with them. Kinda crazy ain’t it how Monoxide is constantly faded? The vibe is alive.

No Smoke is the obligatory posse cut on the album with the Majik Ninja Entertainment roster including the recent signee Young Wicked.

Please don’t come near with the powder lookin for mirrors. Get out and go disappear. Monoxide has got a lot of smoke up in here. He’s not a boat but he feels like everybody is on a pier. They’re just watching as he floats and they’re hoping to commandeer. As for what he smokes, believe me when I say it’s out of this atmosphere. Not a joke like the shit y’all tokin’ from what I hear.

Monoxide’s got the potion wrapped up in a paper. He’s bout to smoke it all now and do the same shit later. You’re never touching this loud so get out our faces. Monoxide is so lit right now in the darkest places. When it hits like pow there’ll be no traces.

Check the headstone of the last who took Blaze Ya Dead Homie for a joke. Here now lies the one that’s most despised. Most hated that ain’t debated that anyone knew them in life. They’re calling for the Lord. When the dead guy comes calling, it’s best not to entertain them

Gibby Stites nickname is Sir Smoke A Lot like Yukmouth because he smokes a lot of that potent pot. He needs a dutchie. So he goes hit the store. Blazed up 8th of crumble caked up. Grade A Buds and a Dutch. Fucked up like a pay cut.

Joey Black graduated from murder high because he is educated. And he shows up to murders high pre-medicated. He stole your weed and stashed it in his fat roll. He’ll smoke you whole joint and eat the roach in front of you. That’s for damn sure y’all don’t want the smoke. You’ll get canned sir hole in your throat.

Redd and his dawgs are calling out fakers like The Wizard of Oz. He hit a few licks. Then he get fucked up. He is more connected than the MCU.

Madrox smokes weed in excessive amounts because the world constantly is stressing him out. Reminding everybody what we about they know. We smoke in the lungs and words out the mouth. Bars hit the beat for love and not the clout though. Anonymous keyboard killers and born trolls. Better check your nuts and your hard drives. They don’t want smoke!

Boondox doesn’t smoke but his pistol is red hot. Black Talons in the clip a pearl grip and a red dot. You still wanna trip? Well let’s see when the lead drops. Best button up your lip or get hit with the head shot. Because you don’t want it with a ninja.

Let Billy Obey hop in rotation. Enormous smoke clouds form from the pot that we are blazing. In a house of 1000 corpses getting wasted with Doctor Satan. Billy Obey smokes weed like it’s his occupation. The flower brings him back like reincarnation. Bound to pass a pound of grass. Now what in the tarnation is going on here? He is here to chief hash, kick ass, and chew bubblegum.

Bonez Dubb stays strapped with a Twiztid wrap for rollin’ up his weed. Locs always on but you know his eyes bleed. Flower from the W. It’s lookin’ real pretty. Glob mob hookin’ up the sticky smelling like dispensaries. Highly medicated all the muthafuckin’ time.

Tom Brady couldn’t play Young Wicked at all even when he is too high smoking with Jamie and Paul. They’re in the war room planning out a crazy assault. Mothafuckas are only hating because the ladies are in awe. They pepper stompin. There ain’t no boo boo in these wicked wraps. They never plan on stopping making boo coo cheddar biscuit stacks. Even with this sickness mask Young Wicked is still spitting facts.

The duo raps about how they will be hit until they die on High ’Til I Die.

Everyday that they awake they are waiting to get high. They roll up, take a toke, and stay high until they die. Don’t let the world get to you is what they say.

Monoxide rocks with the good weed because that’s the vibe that he has got. He has been living in a smoke cloud. He is higher than the pope now. All mixed up like kudo. Only burning with the day unos. Smell kicking through the double bag like judo. Keeping it in the circle like sumo and day unos.

Madrox is copping everything the dispensary has. That is a pretty simple task when you’re gripping a mask.
Taking two black Glad bags out the back door with the alarm in the background. Madrox is hopeless a dickhead hopelessly addicted to some weed. Smoke signals are only way that he communicates. He was formulating how to make the scene look. Breaking up weed on the case of The Green Book. And it’s one simple message you should be retaining. He might set fire to this very venue tonight.

Lookin like Arcola because the duo blew your sleeves off. All he has got is hunger and he is high. There ain’t no reason to be soft. Floating stoned is the way of the walk. A cloudy haze of his days. Madrox is so high to the point he need Robert Seger to turn the page so he can smoke, sip, and mull over the shit that he is supposed to get paid. And got so much he keeps it in some storage bins.

I rate this EP 4/5****!!

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