Review: C-Rayz Walz – The Code

C-Rayz Walz – The Code was one of the most underrated NYC rap albums of 2012 which was very much sorely overlooked and ignored by many rap fans across the planet. Anyone who is a fan of C-Rayz Walz or who is a fan of lyrical rap will want to stream this album. However this album is bit more modern sounding than his other albums due to the high quality production and volume setting.

C-Rayz Walz details his perspective on life in Brooklyn on The BX referencing influential hip hop figures and landmarks. You can’t get any more NYC than The BX. The lyrics are as New York City as you can get of course. So that’s not surprising. C-Rayz Walz gives love to the Big Apple throughout the song mentioning various significant locations and places. Not to mention the surrounding cities. It’s all about that NYC love.

The lyrics are as New York City as you can get.

A Cedar Park night will begin like, “One, two”
To leave your skin tight—chumps couldn’t come through
Nothing personal. Just The BX dress rehearsal

Yo, y’all ain’t ready for combat. Where’s The Bronx at?
Right next to Brooklyn and Manhattan—check the train map.

25 to life is like curfew
To keep it right in hindsight, it’s about flows
But that BX bullshit, we on it like Gauchos

Never sleep on the power of a question
Or the force of the answer when you ask me where I’m repping
You don’t get the point? My Puerto Ricans will start stabbing you
Close to tracks like rats on Park Avenue

I figure that getting beat up for yelling, “River rat”
Wouldn’t happen if you was living in the area, black
Too many touch mics, repping The Bronx like, “Sike!”
Street life’s hype—you could get sniped for nice stripes
Nothing to it. They’ll just do it. No remorse
The foolish run wild like fluid through the living corpse
If you lost hard rocks of salt, the herbs would murder you
Push your top back like brain rack convertibles
We pop shotties, sip Scotch at block parties
BDP or not, feel La Rock like Scott, see?
B-boys dance at the jux at 2:40
A twenty sack with two dime shorties (Yeah)
I rhyme naughty—by nature, I’m treacherous
The hectic shit is I’ll make you feel it by sketching it
Little kids hustle and scuffle like scarred veterans
Rob you off the muscle for your car Edison

Clusterfuck is one of the best lyrical songs on the album due to its heavy lyricism and lo-fi production. Notice how there is significant increase in the treble. That treble gives the song a lo-fi vibe. However that does not make the song too significantly grimey in any way though. C-Rayz Walz never fails to disappoint.

These were some of the best lyrics to the song.

When they release a dookie album
With green day flaws
In the presence of living legends I grip a spliff in the session like Smith and Wessons
When gettin weapons on misconceptions
Then bustin off in six directions without gettin questioned
I’m the prescription when beats bump

Beefin over wall posts n get it poppin for tweeting
They not competing on the blocks that I beast in
Where every summer seems getting shots in season
No logical reason, The heathens in the hospital bleeding

I rate this album 4/5****.

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