Review: Twiztid – Nickel Bag

Twiztid – Nickel Bag is the second “marijuana EP” from Twiztid from 2022. The EP is heavily themed around marijuana usage as the twisted horrorcore rap duo Twiztid indulges in the marijuana smog. This EP is a step in a totally different direction musically speaking. Only this time no shitty horrendous trap beats are used. So smell the piss, the perfume. Indulge in the marijuana smog. Be a part of the start of greatness and be a part of the start of brehsiveness. Be a part of the greatness and be a part of the brehsiveness.

Twiztid raps about getting high while living the high life on High Life. This ain’t the same rolled up that you think you know about.

Twiztid is smoking good stuff with the windows rolled shut. Jamie Madrox smokes it like he’s in a hot demonic ashtray with more roaches than green rooms backstage. This ain’t the same rolled up that you think you know about. Folks chatter but he no longer hears them though. He feels living that high life. He was sky high and won’t fall. Smoking all day and drinking all night. Probably won’t help him. But it just might. He won’t care at all. He feels high living that high life.

Monoxide just wants to take another hit. And that’s how he high he wants to get. Twiztid has got the people lining up and they all wantin’ some of this. Monoxide on cloud nine feeling like finally this is it. Like Finally he is in a place with sublime bliss. Nothing but resin with every hit inside of him. Both of them are trying to escape the madness of living life by getting high. Soul tripping without a compass. Either hit or get the fuck out the way.

Twizted has got the hydro and the sticky icky on Hydro (Bong Water Remix)

Now all these people wanna smoke some weed with Twiztid. From bubblegum to super skunk one to five. So rake the seeds out your weed. Monoxide even smoked a little bit of some shit they call the beehive. He has been to Europe and made Amsterdam cry. Monoxide and Madrox straight smoked them hoes dry. That shit you’rе ’bout to roll up to him doesn’t even look accurately potent. And why does everybody say they smoke more weed than Monoxide?

From the cough of the green ass weed with no seeds. All real smokers break buds to this. And all you part-time pot smokers, take a listen. Roll your whole house to five joints and burn it all in one sitting and setting. Your cousin told you it was sticky sticky but I guess it really wasn’t. They just sold you a headache inside a bag.

It might seem like we don’t smoke no weed just because you’re standin’ there. But everybody’s blazin’ up as soon as you disappear. You can smell the fucking weed when it’s lit. And that’s as close as you can get because you’re a freeloading weed smoker, everybody knows one. To the boogie that’ll make a motherfucker’s lungs bleed. To my dogs with the pre-rolled blunts in the air.

Pass the joint past the point of being too down. Madrox is so high that his heartbeat’s starting to slow down. Fingernails are roach clips for gourmet smoking. He is zoned out and doesn’t feel a thing.

Now he probably won’t recall a single thing that’s happening. His medicine is sold by the dope man. And big boys and QP’s that come with fat price tags. Whatever it takes. Quarters and halves. It don’t matter as along as if the price is right. To get rid of all these headaches and shakes. He comes with green for the green. An even exchange. And clever wordplay at that. However Madrox has no money for no bag of brown backyard boogie. He gets so high that you would have to rip him out of the sky as that is the feeling that the real green provides.

Get high like the clouds outside zoned out out of your mind. Take a rip hold that shit exhaled like a rhythm. Everything’s just fine. And get stoned with Twizted. If you smoke weed like Twizted smokes weed, then you smoke weed everyday. That is what Twizted wants you to do on the song called The Clouds Outside.

Society’s a menace. That is why Madrox always smoking that electric lettuce. Where we come from What Twiztid has got is a grip from the start point with five on a ten bag when you twist up. What you get is a headache from one joint. Throw back to the brick weed what we smoke. Pass that shit around a couple of times. Indulge in the volume of “Second Hand Smoke” Get high like the clouds outside zoned out out of your mind. Take a rip hold that shit exhaled like a rhythm. Everything’s just fine.

Monoxide Child’s shoulders have been holding it for a minute. Now so he pushes his lungs to the limit and try to figure out just what this living is about. It feels like he is living in doubts. Monoxide Child finds himself staring deeply at the menu at the drive-through. He’s making life’s decisions he won’t comprise too. His brains spinning like a typhoon. Think about everything at the same time he wants to get high. So anxiety is inside of him all the time. But that’s another side of him he himself can handle honestly. With every hit he sits back.

Twiztid gets high as a kit on Let’s Get High (As a Kite Remix).

Twizted just really wants to get high to the sky. Come on. Let’s get high. They feel faded and elevated. That’s how they’re living life. Up in them clouds. They’re not comin’ down.

Monoxide is rollin up this caviar in a cone and he’ll eat this candy bar. And zone like he is on them xanny (Xanax) bars. He has got a tab that is full of THC. And a bunch of different bottles we can pop. Smoke down on that sour from the 313 to the 415. Super silver with his haze. He’ll leave without a trace if your weed is a disgrace. And he likes to lace it up with wax and a little bit of crazy stuff. Hash a little bit of oil until his face is stuck.

Jamie Madrox may never get enough of that good here weed. He can never get too high. But the ladder never has got enough rungs in it. Right back hittin’ that sweet leaf. Put a little ease on that stress and grief.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

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