Review: Lil Noid – Paranoid Funk

Lil Noid – Paranoid Funk is one of the best Memphis rap albums from 1995 that is one of the more well known Memphis rap albums that is considered to be a collectors item and is a classic. Blackout produced the entire album as you can tell and hear from the dark eerie lo-fi soundscape. That dark gloomy soundscape is what makes the album a classic. Now the beat are not too lucid as they were produced by Blackout.

Try Me was Lil Noid’s answer to Lil Yo – Try Me If You Wanna Bitch. The song Try Me uses that dark gloomy soundscape commonly heard in Memphis rap. Try Me has that old school Memphis sound with the dark vibe, thick beats, and eerie sound. The sounds of Memphis rap and gangsta rap meet each other on this song.

Tear drops drip from him eyes as he grips the nine millimeter and insert the clip. He keeps the nine millimeter as he falls into a deep sleep. Mr. Tinimane and the other niggas are trying to catch a creep. Mr. Tinimane gets the Glock. The violence never stops in Memphis. Everyone is trying to dodge the bullets everyday. Lil Noid, Mr. Tinimane, and those other niggas are selling yay. Robbing, gankin, stangin are his favorite games.

Lil Noid was in the cut trying to make some ends to keep him pockets from broke. In other words, he was trying to earn money to keep himself from being broke. If he make a stain, it’s gotta be for a lick. But he’d rather pimp hoes or sling dope. Lil Noid notices his breath is getting short from bullet wounds he sustained while he was out there selling yay. He thinks he is going to die. He hit Blackout when the 20 gauges broke out. Then he grabs his Glock with the quickness and blasts this nigga up in his fucking chest. Now he is going back to Elmridge counting all his cheese. Try Lil Noid if you wanna try him. When he’s on the snort, he thinks he can fly.

Load My Clip explained how Lil Noid was going to go shoot people after going on a cocaine binge. The lyrics “Beat funk in my lap I grab a pack and now I’m feeling crunk” explained how Lil Noid was going to go shoot people after going on a cocaine binge.

Lil Noid is going to shoot people after a cocaine binge. And now he is feeling crunk. Nightmares have gotten him going into a daze. Nightmare’s in a daze I got a craze So then he plays the floor. Then after he finishes playing on the floor, he will go out and shoot people. Funk can make him crazy. So don’t play him for no fucking punk. If you are talking shit, he’ll load his clip and shoot you in your fucking face. You don’t wanna try Lil Noid because you will get your wig split. He’s gotta break it down and act a clown about this shit.

Lil Noid is the psycho motherfucker from the Hampton area which is the Binghampton neighborhood. It’s time for Lil Noid to kill another nigga and take his body to the trash. Police will need to bring body bags. Lil Noid gets so buck to the point of not giving a fuck. So he’s gotta click and shoot some bustas out.

Watch him hit that fucking flow (floor) once he is on that fucking blow (cocaine). There bodies in a mess laying in a casket feel. He dumps them bodies in a river. He’s hard as a black soldier. This just goes to show you how merciless Lil Noid is. Murder after murder. Binghampton niggas rob because that’s their fucking job. Don’t ever get caught in the dark.

There is a rumble in the jungle from the niggas in a body bag. Noid is on the murder scene. Killing ain’t no dealing with this psycho. He’s gonna grab that gauge and bust at your busta ass in the dark. Stay up out his business before you make a nigga dig your grave down in the fucking ground.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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