Review: King ISO – Insanity Plea

King ISO – Insanity Plea is one of the most unorthodox rap albums of the mid-2010s from 2015. This certainly is one of the more unique albums of that year. The album is as dark as an album you would expect to hear from Twisted Insane or Hopsin. His fast paced, aggressive lyrical delivery and ability is something else that is out of this world. If you need a break from mainstream rap, then this is the album for you.

I Plead Insane showcased the unorthodox thoughts that go on in Iso’s mind and had also explained King ISO’s bizarre thought process. The song uses dark neoclassical chamber music style of instrumentation which you can hear in the violins. Think dark neoclassical chamber music meets new school rap of the modern era.

His fast paced, aggressive lyrical delivery and ability is something else that is out of this world. No song could match the fast paced, aggressive energy he had. I Plead Insane was the opening song off of King ISO’s 2015 album “The Insanity Plea”.

King ISO heard law enforcement was looking for his nigga Tarrel. They are gonna put him in a cell. King ISO should be doing well. But he took another L. He puts the clip into the pistol before they pick it. Then he pull the city’s sales. Nobody can tell if King ISO is cocky or confident. He was sane as a newborn baby. But solitary came and his mantra is monstrous. He couldn’t even call my father or mother. That’s how awkward his life has really become. Medication can only do so much to remedy the situation.

In jail, the CO’s never let him get his mail. It’s gotten to the point where they givin’ a nigga bologna sandwiches every day instead of burgers. He’s got pick a pen up, then get information, and start plotting out murders. He will go wild with it. Every CO knows he or she won’t see home. He doesn’t wanna keep another grudge. He doesn’t wanna see another judge. He don’t wanna be the one to drop a couple people in the mud. King ISO pleads insane. He pleads the insanity plea. They prolly wanna leave him at the bottom.

Even if he was at Remo Island, he couldn’t be controlled. He has seen evil past this life. He done seen reptilians in human form and morph forth and back at night. And maybe somebody will come and get him up out of this shit he is in before the government gets him killed.

King ISO says some of the most quotable shit in his raps for this song. For example he says the following below.

Middle finger to a penal code
While I’m grabbin’ on my big dick, that’s my penal code

In the streets where demons roam
No Caesar but that’s how I leave ya dome

Here are some of his quotable one-liners.

This that Prince of Egypt flow
Picked all peek-holes, boy that piece’ll blow
Jeepers creepers, the police should know
He keep it like Iwo Jima though
While I’m grabbin’ on my big dick, that’s my penal code
In the streets where demons roam
Got E, got weed and coke
Middle finger to a penal code
No Caesar but that’s how I leave ya dome

That’s Real explained how it has never occurred to King ISO how sick he is. The song has a theme of betrayal because the song deals with betrayal. The song uses a bit of reality rap. He’s seen his best friend turning into enemies. He also explained how he come up from nothing into something. This is really what it is everyday in his life.

It never occurred to King ISO how sick he is. King ISO fed so many people that have bit his hand. He’s helped out and fed a lot of people that have betrayed him in the past. Some of which have crossed him the wrong way. Cats out here will try to leave him dead. Just to jack his plug (connections) and try to get his fans. Like he was hit by chance. He’s seen his best friend turning into enemies. It’s a small ass world, so we’re all disciples. You can’t trust no nigga when you are large as life.

His brain be hella sick. He is going crazy. He has been thinking about the psych ward lately. But finally got a real chance to make it in music. He came a long way from the psycho days. That’s why he is called insane.

At one point in time, King ISO was was homeless with no chips and no whips. He didn’t have shit. All he had were his flows and one basket of clothes. But he kept down bitches that’ll kiss his hand. He took a chick’s clean record only to have put this gun charge on her record. Just imagine all the hope he gained. Niggas all on his dick like they jump off on it. Fake love got thrown his way. Them motherfuckers can’t wait until he uploads shit to the internet. Now he gets racks on plays when he composes shit (music). His idols real life became his homies. Success to his enemies is bittersweet.

He remembers when he was in Atlanta, Georgia spilling cheap ass wine on Bentley seats. Niggas back home were mad as fuck. It was just an image. Now it’s adding up. And to think a nigga used to be on cut-throat shit. And no, he ain’t talking about spades. I mean gunsmoke shit. He was just content without having nothing. From a cell to homeless to now having funds. But he got a real chance just to make it. That’s why he is called insane. That’s real.

He raps about his personal struggle to get clean with these lyrics. “Try to kick these habits, homie, for this hip-hop, man/Feel like Tim Roth and Pac in Gridlock’d, man”

These lyrics explained, showcased, and exposed how King ISO came a long way from the psycho days.

I ain’t have shit, nigga, but the flows I lay
One basket of clothes, scuffs on my J’s
Poppin’ pills and I would smoke all day
Drinkin’ liquor, call the hoes my way
I can’t believe a nigga dome got straight
Fake love got thrown my way
My idols real life became my homies
Just imagine all the hope I gained
I’m thinking to myself, “Why I puff my weed?”
I’m high, I get low when I fuck my freaks
I wake up in the morning and I brush my teeth
These niggas in the game hood, just like me
And to think a nigga used to be on cut-throat shit
I ain’t talking about spades, I mean gunsmoke shit
Now I get racks on plays when I compose shit
Them mothafuckas’ can’t wait until I upload shit
Success to my enemies is bitter-sweet
Speaking of, I need to hit this weed
I remember when I was in Atlanta
Spillin’ cheap ass wine on Bentley seats
Niggas back home, they was mad as fuck
It was just an image, now it’s addin’ up
I wasn’t celebratin’ like “Nigga, start”
I was just content without havin’ none
Back in traffic, still packin’ guns
Once you have a son, you quit actin’ dumb
From a cell to homeless Now havin’ funds
Now I’m puttin’ on, here the badges come
My brain be hella sick, I’m going crazy, nigga
I’ve been thinkin’ about the psych ward lately, nigga
But I got a real chance just to make it, nigga
That’s why I called Insane and said “Thanks, my nigga”
That’s real

Addiction explained his addiction to the rap game and doing drugs until he passes out. He feels his gift for rapping is all he has to live for.

King ISO pops another pill and hits the purp. He feels like jump off of a building. Chilling with his motherfucking niggas. Going hella hard with some real G’s. He’ll do this shit until it kills him despite a doctor telling him to stay off the drugs. He’ll hella faded like an elevator. So watch him get lifted. He’s a fiend for this drug shit. You ain’t seeing his ambition. He doesn’t never plan to quit feeding his addiction to rapping and drugs. King ISO is mean when he spits raps. King ISO is the king of this rap shit. Killing niggas like Brotha Lynch Hung on Season of Da Siccness.

An excerpt of these lyrics explain his addiction to rap music and drugs.

Sayin’ they took the game over, take it back, ain’t no more and
If makin’ racks off makin rap I’ll use it to wage a war
Oh motherfuckers these nigga’s ain’t playin’ me anymore
Never was explained to me how the fuck I made it, boy listen
I’m addicted to rap music, strap shootin’
Cash and bad bitches what ass who act stupid
Tattoos and blunts that’s fat, and fast food
And clear or dark liquor, it don’t matter I’m mad foolish
Fuck it I’m that dude, it’s ISO who acts rude like “Hi ho”
Don’t act new I’ll smash you maybe I need help
But fuck it I won’t get it
I’m a cold sicko who’s a row with being pro livin’
For those who don’t get it
My flow is so vivid
This music that I’m doing I’m just overdosin’ it
Go get the needle, I won’t quit like emos
I’m so sick like Neo, like coast to coast clinics
Don’t nobody really want it homie, you ain’t seeing my ambition
Murder anybody rappin’ homie I’m a genius with the spittin’
Killing niggas like T.L.D. homie and I’m twisted
But I don’t never plan to quit feeding my addiction

Twisted Thoughts is one of the more sick twisted songs on the album which explained the twisted thoughts that were surrounding King ISO. This is really what it is everyday in his life. Ironically and coincidentally the song featured rapper Twisted Insane. Even poltergeists are feeling this shit.

King ISO’s got fucked up shit that’s in his brain a lot. So he smokes and drinks a lot. King ISO stays high and faded with all these twisted thoughts surrounding him. Everybody and their mother claims they know King ISO all because of rumors, gossip, and some made up stories regarding him. Some people say that King ISO is a nutbag with a case of the Jason Voorhees. He doesn’t chase dreams. He chases nightmares. He can go geek squad with a small Mac-mini. King ISO is Raw like Eddie Murphy. He wishes a nigga would try beefing with the hardest. He wishes a nigga would like a genie in the forest. Picking up a syringe like was there anything? He’s got enough artillery to clear the vicinity.

King ISO eats the pussy on a platter. Doesn’t matter if it’s edible. He met the bitch’s brother and thought everything cool. But he wanted to come through and Do-Do-Do-Do. King ISO is an 80s baby who grew up sicker than rabies. This shit is brazy.

These lyrics explain how King ISO targets mainstream rappers and records labels that market shitty terrible music to the public.

Mainstream rappers and you gon’ be the target
Same thing labels always thinkin’ they can market
They know what time it is like Public Enemy
I’m the old-school Tech N9ne, fuck the industry
What’s the enemy? Someone who don’t bust as sick as me?
Mad cause I got his girl mouth to bust this Hennessy
Do I really need a doc, what the fuck is hickory?
Couldn’t pay my bills, where the fuck is Hillary?

These lyrics explain how King ISO got ghost like the Matrix.

I’m a ghost town nigga, but they prolly want me dead still
Lookin’ like the Matrix when I’m bustin, fuck a red pill
I don’t wanna get into ya head but this lead will
You goin’ nowhere fast sprintin’ on the treadmill
Everybody wanna be a killer ’til they friend kill
In a minute, niggas get they head to the anvil
I done dig dirt deep, hardly in a standstill
Pop another hydro, what the fuck’s an Advil?
At will, I’m a bad boy with the Toolie
Double eye club, hell lookin’ for the Julie

I rate this album 5/5****!

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