Review: Tuffy Tuf – Strictly 4 De Boomin System

Tuffy Tuf – Strictly 4 De Boomin System is a Ragga style hip hop album were the sounds of Pittsburgh hip hop/rap meet reggae music. Notice the style of raw hip hop and Raggamuffin style dancehall that is used. This album was the soundtrack for early Pittsburgh hip hop in the 90s. This album serves as a prime example of real hip hop is and is supposed to be. This album was targeted & marketed toward a Pittsburgh area audience which is why this album relatively unknown outside of Pittsburgh. The album is a respected classic in Homestead hip hop legend history and Pittsburg rap history.

Ghetto Soundcheck is a rasta reggae dancehall style hip hop song filtered with dub bass and thin beats. The dub bass and piano add to the reggae dancehall effects. You can definitely hear that Jamaican sound and Jamaican vibes in the song. Ghetto Soundcheck was the summer anthem of 1991 for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All of the clubs in and around Pittsburgh bumped this back in the 90’s.

Nubian a Chat is the Afrocentric inspired song of the album were elements of world music and reggae are used sporadically. Nubian a Chat uses some Nubian chants which are looped throughout the song. Yet Nubian a Chat still has a distinctively original sound which for 1991 is a bit impressive and distinct. You can definitely hear that Jamaican sound and Jamaican vibes in the song. One thing is sure is that this song stands out.

Respect My Flow is heavily back by the sample of 3rd Bass – Product Of The Environment. That’s not surprising since at this time Pittsburgh hip hop/rap heavy utilized, sampled, and heavily relied on the East Coast boom bap sound. Somewhat the song gained a large local following.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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