Review: Makai Crew – Makai Crew demo 96

Makai Crew – Makai Crew demo 96 was one of the lesser known San Antonio hip hop albums from 1996 that people who are outside of San Antonio, Texas hardly know about given the album never really left the city limits. The Makai Crew demo 96 is regarded as an artifact in San Antonio hip hop history. Chris Cooley produced those rugged scratchy underground hip hop beats you hear on the album. Now this album leaned more toward the East Coast hip hop sound rather than the gangsta rap that was permeating the city and becoming popular at that time. That is what set this album apart from other albums at that time. Makai Crew was definitely ahead of their time.

Makai Crew was regarded as a hip hop super group from the early to mid 90’s who were the offspring of Big Tim, DJ Veno, RCR, Black Asiatic, Nexus Mutants, Ill Regala, and the Godfather Jihad.

Black Ice uses GZA style production with the flutes and electronic synths from a keyboard. The song uses East Coast hip hop beats and warm bass produced by Chris Cooley. Rappers Releef and Hybrid Hex talk about how they are some of the coldest rappers in San Antonio next to Santee. They certainly freeze shit with their lyrics in methods you never thought were possible.

The Blueprint was a blueprint of a style of rap. Releef and Anuph Sed rap about how people don’t understand the plan and don’t understand their plan. Releef and Anuph Sed only set trip when they grab mics. Their incantations come from premeditation. They come from a city where infrared dots conquer conflicts. In other words, a lot of people let the gun do the talking for them in San Antonio. Doesn’t matter if there are opposites. So it’s best if you exit.The song sounds like an unreleased Onyx demo that had been left unmastered. The song definitely has that East Coast sound with the instrumentation, production, bass, and beats.

Empty Hand uses some Pete Rock and Organized Konfusion production over an East Coast hip hop soundscape. The percussion gives away a feeling of throwback nostalgia. One thing is certain is that these rappers do not come up empty handed.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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