Review: A-G-2-A-KE – Mil-Ticket

A-G-2-A-KE – Mil-Ticket is one of the best Milwaukee rap albums of all time with high quality G-Funk production that is very bass heavy and rough edge aggressive gangsta rap lyrics that are untouchable. These street hustlers prove that they have something to prove in their lyrics as well as their ambition acumen. Now this is one of those albums where you can listen to the entire album without having to skip any tracks. Each track is worth playing and not skipping. This album was the soundtrack to gangsta rap in 1998 and the soundtrack to Milwaukee rap as well. This album is a like a soundtrack to the movie Scarface. A-G-2-A-KE – Mil-Ticket is the Godfather of gangsta rap albums.

A-G-2-A-KE – Mil-Ticket is also one of the best Milwaukee rap albums of 1998. These guys put Mil-Town on the map with this album. This is their best album to date next to Ball Street. Who knew that rap from Milwaukee, Wisconsin could be this brehsive? Or this raw? Sadly this album was slept on and got overlooked. Rap-A-Lot dropped the ball on this group.

88 Keys, Scarface, and Mike Dean handle the production. Although the production is mostly handled by 88 Keys. The beats are awesome and are meshed with a nice Southern influence with a mix of Midwestern funk. Mike Dean adds a little bit of his mix to the production. Their production is what made this album way ahead of its time. You can never go wrong with Scarface, 88 Keys, and Mike Dean handling the production. Some of this album was recorded 1997 in the basement across from Custer High School which was located at 5075 North Sherman Boulevard, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US. Also this was the album that had the hardest laugh in the music game which went “Ahh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-AHH!”.

On top of that, the album cover and artwork design was designed by the legendary graphics firm Pen N Pixel. The front cover just screams “Pen N Pixel” The blinged out design on the group’s name tells all.

Mil-Ticket is the intro and the opener to the album which tells people they have now entered the realm of mafia life where sight and sound illuminates the art of killing. And where murder is the way of life. The members of the Rap-A-Lot Crime Family, including A-G-2-A-KE, commit a robbery during the intro. Scarface narrates the beginning.

You’ve now entered the realm of mafia life where sight and sound illuminates the art of killing. And where murder is the way of life. In collaboration with the infamous Mr. Scarface, a new millennium has brought forth A-G-2-A-KE. A-G-2-A-KE was raised off hard times and is dedicated to the streets.

The Rap-A-Lot Crime Family and A-G-2-A-KE are tired of being fucking broke. So they go commit a robbery. They tell everyone to put their hands in the air and get on the ground because this is a robbery.

The money entices G-Mone’s pocket. He warns the bank teller to hurry up and unlock that safe. He warns her that if she pulls the switch that everybody dies. He is robbing this ATM with Scarface. G-Mone is counting ends as soon as he does a getaway. Don’t even act like you was finna touch that stack. He should peel your cap. Relax and give him that good shit. Right now G-Mone is the wrong nigga to fuck with. That shit is over with and past tense.

Sellin’ Dreams is about how the members of A-G-2-A-KE (mainly G-Mone) got caught up in a life of crime and turned to careers of being hustlers as teenagers. They (he) did everything from hustling to pimping all the way down to drug transactions.

G-Mone woke up early to his mother screaming at him to get up for school. He is out there hustling to get them into a better living situation. He used to think she was a fool for telling him to go to school. Instead he would skip school, take that five, and go get dank. Right before he snuck a drank, he left his mother a nice fat bank roll in the dresser drawer. Like she didn’t know. She knew what he used to really do. But he was young and silly though. G-Mone would clown putting it down through the hood and stealing motherfuckers sound. Smoking quarter pounds with his niggas.

What is this shit? G-Mone is getting older now. He knows what thangs are supposed to be. He can’t be tricked the same way from when he was younger. So miss him with that bullshit and give him the full shit. He knows his scale will tell the same story that your scale tells. You know G is about his mail. Also G is about his money.

Just because your train of thought derailed figure you’d go selling dreams. A-G-2-A-KE is selling dreams and coming clean. They have dreams such as having a Lexus coach edition. They don’t need help dreaming.

A-G-2-A-KE moves a lot rocks on blocks. That’s why there’s too much traffic moving. Who would have thought A-G-2-A-KE would be nationwide with Rap-A-Lot Records? Think about it while you hop on the highway and swerve on it. Make sure you never get the best of A-G-2-A-KE. Unless you purchase a “Best Of” and “Greatest Hits” album of theirs. Is you certain you wanna leave hurting?

Then G-Mone woke up and puffing. And shit was all good. Plus he didn’t wanna wake up as he was dreaming about the hood. He heard birds make actions speak louder than words. He’d rather stack so his whole family’s living fat. He’s been writing for a long time with his group A-G-2-A-KE.

These are meaningful lyrics which have morals and lessons. For example, the person who is selling you dreams could be selling you lies. That is what the message and moral of these lyrics mean, “Cause the nigga that’s selling you dreams is the nigga that’s telling you lies”. These lyrics show how things change, “Seasons change, people change, and thangs get rearranged”

Cause the nigga that’s selling you dreams is the nigga that’s telling you lies
Seasons change, people change, and thangs get rearranged
Even after sent me call me homie, if you got some drama mayn
Mayn got some’ing want us to stay away, hey what happened to all the love
Want everything that we worked so hard for, to get swept up under the rug

Scarface and Lo-Life talk about how to get the money, power, and respect on Mo Power. First you get the money, then you get the power. That is the main message of this song of theirs. Lo-Life always goes hard.

Playa Dead is a sudden twist on the album as the mood takes a sharp turn into a sad mournful mood as the song is about a deceased player who died in this life of crime. This song was basically the art of story telling with touching lyrics. This track was ahead of its time due to the high quality G-Funk production from engineer and producer Mike Dean that is so untouchable. The ad-libs make the song sick and the bass adds to that mournful effect which certainly will give you chills along with those hi-hats.

The lyrics “everybody takin everybody for a ride”, “everybody takin everybody for a ride/to die”, and “I don’t need your help to send me back where I belong/when the Lord need me I know he gone send me to come/home sweet home” explain how death is inevitable when you live a life of crime and live illegally.

The group gets flash and lavish on Big Balla Society. The song sort of serves as a bragging rights track which is straight up lyrical. You can also hear the hardest laugh in the music game on this track which goes “Ahh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-AHH!”. This is Milwaukee hip hop/rap at its best and finest.

Cocaine is a fierce explicit gangsta rap track about how drugs rule the game and the neighborhood. In this case it’s cocaine. This track was originally on the 1998 album/compilation Scarface – My Homies. Scarface helped add that raw gangsta flavor to the track. Honestly this is the most eeriest track on the album due to the sound and production.

Can’t Nobody Change This was inspired by these lyrics which came from the 1993 song by Scarface called I Seen A Man Die “And can’t nobody change this/It’s 1994 and we up against the same shit”. Now the chorus to the song relies heavily on an excerpt of lyrics which came from the 1993 song by Scarface called I Seen A Man Die which went “Can’t nobody change this” and used an excerpt of lyrics from the 1989 song The DOC – The Formula which went “And when you hear of this/You shouldn’t choke on this”.

The song has Scarface written all over it from the production to the instrumentation and lyrics due to the Scarface references used sporadically. Production and lyrics is what makes this song a smooth classic.

Members of A-G-2-A-KE reminisce about the homie C-Lo on “C-Lo”. C-Lo is another sudden twist on the album as the mood takes a sharp turn into a sad mournful mood as the song is about a deceased player who died in this life of crime.

Flexious slows down the mood for the entire album due to its slow tempo and pace. The song explains the many ways niggas play themselves these days by getting killed over stupidity. It’s flexious.

G-Mone sits back and writes the many ways niggas play themselves these days. Punks be barking for nothing. A nigga died from a couple of shots. You ain’t hard cause you dumping. That’s exactly how niggas get fucked up fronting. He can hear your click hyping up before the drama hits to some ignorant shit. How could you be real first if you couldn’t feel this? How could you sit here with your steel and no clip? That makes no sense. Being flexious in the limelight is precious. If that’s what your mind like, let G-Mone help you get your mind right because you might lose your life.

Niggas need to maintain and think about their paper. You can’t break life and get change like them dollars. Charge that shit to the game. Listen to G game for free. Honestly y’all survive to this because some of y’all wanna feel him. G-Mone wants to always be able to get change for a decent dollars. We’re all geekin for the loot and striving for better days and looking for something better in life. I know it’s hard being traumatized and letting the drama slide. You’re not the only gangster with these problems. You’re not the only motherfucker in this life of crime.

Tomorrow Ain’t Promised is another one of the hardest songs on the album with Scarface. Scarface dropped knowledge on this cautionary tale about how tomorrow is not promised and that we need to live for today.

Mil & Back will have you riding the vibes, synths, chords, and bass lines. The instrumentation and production on this song was totally futuristic and way ahead of its time. The song uses a mixture of easy listening, classical, and rap.

Guess Who Done It uses that classic Rap-A-Lot production that makes the song enjoyable. This was the best and shortest song on the album excluding the 30 second skit called Mafia B and The Don .

A-G-2-A-KE is the self-explanatory track about who A-G-2-A-KE is as group and as individuals. They rap about how they are the bomb. The production is just clean and super brehsive thanks to those melodic beats. Those melodic beats make the song enjoyable. Not too taciturn either.

G Bout Money is a pretty much self-explanatory track about how G-Mone is about his money. G-Mone is geekin for the loot and striving for better days and looking for something better in life. He can’t resist to flip figgas and stack that cash. He is into better and bigger thangs. He’ll make you niggas feel G on the realer. Rap game or dope game, he is in this to win this.

Mafia B used the old Macintosh Apple 98 text to speech feature to narrate the skit. The voice that is narrating the skit is Apple Victoria. The skit is hilarious and gangster at the same time.

The Don was on some Goodfellas and The Godfather type of shit due to the concept, instrumentation, and production there were used. This is gangsta rap at its finest. The song has Scarface written all over it from the production to the instrumentation, lyrics, and undertones. The song definitely has some Scarface undertones.

R U High Yet is a mellow G-Funk rap tune with laid back thick bass. Now the lyrics are hardcore and raw as always. Yukmouth with a Jamaican Patois accent is just hilarious.

Believe Me Fame is the closer of the album which serves as the last track on the album. The song follows a mid tempo pace and beat. G-Mone and Lo-Life rap and talk about how fame changes people and how they won’t let fame change who they are.

A-G-2-A-KE is finally nationwide. A-G-2-A-KE is affiliated with players, pimps, and hustlers in reality. G-Mone and Lo-Life like to rap a fucking lot. They are wrapping rubber bands around a knot. Stacking for bigger plans. They won’t stop. Don’t understand how you lose your life with two bucks in the grand by a trigger with a itchy hand fucking up future plans. G-Mone is smoking a Newport just trying to maintain. It’s all the same. Call him homie if you got some drama and need some energy.

Fame will never change who the members of A-G-2-A-KE are. You won’t see them on TV talking about how they changed. Since G hopped in the mist of thangs. He is trying to get just change the game. G-Mone and Lo-Life are looking for longevity. 88 keep the windows ready to break with the bass on.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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