Review: OVA-DOS – I Thot U Nu

OVA-DOS – I Thot U Nu is one of the most darkest and classic Pittsburgh rap albums/EP to ever come from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This album was the soundtrack to life in Pittsburgh in 1995. This album/EP was targeted & marketed toward a Pittsburgh area audience which is why this release relatively unknown outside of Pittsburgh. Their album uses East Coast beats and boom bap bass over street savvy lyrics. Their album is a respected classic in Homestead hip hop legend history and Pittsburg rap history.

Now you and anyone else can easily tell their album was manufactured on cassette due to the monochromatic color scheme and military stencil font typeface on the “EXPLICIT LYRICS” label. The Geneva and Helvetica fonts used in the credits is another giveaway.

I Thot U Nu used Ragga style hip hop over East Coast beats and boom bap bass. Pittsburgh hip hop legend Tuffy Tuf added some Ragga style to the track by himself. Think reggae meets hip hop/rap for example. The song was a local hit for the Pittsburgh duo back in 1995. This is also Homestead hip hop legend history and Pittsburg rap history.

Jaytee is flipping the strip and funking up the flow on stage. He is freaking the flow. Burning tracks like he was Speed Racer. His lyrics are heavy and lead filled. His lyrics will have you feeling decent like a 6 pack. Now that is mad talent. Jaytee and DJ Flynt are taking out crews.

440 Ross Street highlighted the rugged griminess of jail life in the old Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This song is really like stepping through a time portal and going back to 1993 and 1995 at the same time slowly. 440 Ross Street was the address to the old Allegheny County Jail.

The year is 1993. OVA-DOS was selling drugs and it cost them 11 to 23 years of their lives. You should have seen the jail cell police had the duo crammed in. Some people came from court because they couldn’t make no deal. Some got out on bond. For those who remained at The Shoe, this was their stopping station. The rest get booked and set in to general population. Niggaz young and old are getting swole.

During this time, Allegheny County Jail had been getting overcrowded due to overpopulation. There were too many inmates in the jail. They shackle you up and cuff you hand to hand.

I rate this album/EP 5/5*****!!

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