Review: Mr. Doctor – Bombay

Mr. Doctor – Bombay was a sort of a disappointing follow-up album to Settrippin’ Bloccstyle to many Mr. Doctor fans. Many of his fans were expecting the follow-up album to Bloccstyle to be just as much of a great hood classic. However that was not the case as Mr. Doctor showcased his maturity on song such as Send Me An Angel, Here But I’m Gone, and Tha Real in My Life. Now Mr. Doctor goes hard on songs such as Anybody and The Way I Loc. Irregardless Mr. Doctor came harder than ever. The lack of Brotha Lynch Hung is evident on this album. This album is not as visceral without his production.

The album compensates for the lack of explicit esoteric gangsta rap wit the production. The production of this album is super crystal clear and somewhat very futuristic sounding. While the production may not be the same as Bloccstyle, the production and instrumentation arrangements are worth listening to. The production on this album is superb. His verses are mixed with the Sacramento flavor.

In 1999, he would follow up his landmark debut with Bombay, which climbed to #79 on the Billboard music charts. In spite of his success, however, Black Market as a label was on shaky ground; labelmate X-Raided was in prison on first-degree murder charges, his mentor Brotha Lynch Hung was in a heated legal battle with label head Cedric Singleton over unpaid money, and the rest of the label’s fledgling artists were looking to become popular in their own right.

Mr. Doctor came back with his usual slick gangsta self on the song called Anybody. Mr. Doctor came harder than ever on this song with those gangsta flows of his. Griff produced those hard hitting beats that hit harder than a motherfucker.

Mr. Doctor talks and brags about how he’s got the connections to many resources. Tre 8 sells dope around the way. Griff got them beats that hit. Mr. Doctor has got connects on straps. He’s also got connects on hoodrats too. And they are paid in the worst way. To be the first way is the only way. Anybody wanna come up they know that Mr. Doctor and his G’s got pounds and keys.

Here But I’m Gone showcased his maturity of how far he has come not only as an artist but as far as a person he has come. Understand that this song is filled with that real life shit.

One example of the real life shit in the song is in the verse rapped by Slim Loc. He touched issues such as poverty, neglect, and malnutrition.

(Slim Loc)
I’m picturin kids cryin, a head firin up dope over the stove
Family car gettin repot because they couldn’t cover the note
Nobody knows what’s to eat because there’s no groceries
And the baby suffers from a rash ’cause he hasn’t been changed in over a week
The oldest keeps things together, by scramblin up some powdered eggs
She’s only 5, so why her mom can’t keep them pimps from out her face
How could they rape in that arrestin
The mother won’t admit, but she’s molested, diseased and infested
With wing worms, both of her legs covered with ring burns
She cleans up, but whoever heard of some clean germs
I seen the, hurt in her mama’s eyes, she traumatized
Been beat up, ever since her father died, no harmonize

I rate this album 4/5****.

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