Review: Slick Rick – The Ruler’s Back

Slick Rick – The Ruler’s Back is one of the more forgotten British rap albums of 1991 which showcased both the mature side and humorous side of Slick Rick. However this album showcased the more serious and mature side of Slick Rick rather than his usual provocative humourous self as his sophomore album had more of a darker atmosphere in contrast to his debut album. Songs such as I Shouldn’t Have Done It, Mistakes of a Woman in Love With Other Men, Venus and Runaway showcased the more mature side of Slick Rick. Song such as Tonto, Ship, and Top Cat, showcased the more humourous side of Slick Rick. Now many of the songs revisit songs from his debut album.

For example, Venus revisits Mona Lisa while Tonto revisits Indian Girl (An Adult Story). Tonto was reprise of and revisited Indian Girl (An Adult Story). The song Tonto picked up where Indian Girl (An Adult Story) left off in a way.

Sadly this album was not as commercially successful as his debut album was. This album did not become an instant platinum success overnight as his debut album did in just years time.

Slick Rick said some of the most quotable and hilarious shit throughout some of the album. One would think this a comedy rap album or a novelty act. But that is not the case as Slick Rick is a rapper. He is more than just a novelty act. He is the clear definition of a rapper and what a rapper should be. Slick Rick proved that he was here to stay during the 80s and 90s. He proved that he was not only a good rapper, but a good comedian as well.

If you’re looking for an album with provocative offensive humor and a breath of fresh air away from today’s woke society and cancel culture, then Slick Rick – The Ruler’s Back is the perfect album for you. This album is just as good as his debut album is. You will not regret purchasing or listening to this album.

Top Cat has some good old fashioned boasting and bragging about himself. Top Cat explained how Slick Rick is the best rapper of all time. Slick Rick says some of the most quotable and hilarious shit during the song. The song uses James Brown influenced funk. Notice how slick that electric guitar is playing.

Slick Rick said some of the most quotable and hilarious shit throughout the entire song. Below is a list of lyrics that were hilarious, quotable, and memorable.

Although the ho’ better know I want four meals a day
The rest is firm bein’ a trap as the hon adopt cat

Huggin’ me so much, she almost suffocate the brilliant
Sad eyes, plus she had a bad pad, nice

Because the bitch looked like she needed a home more than I did
Word, bit her off another like, not a committee, hit her off
Not to mention, sweatin’ the kitty litter off

And for a over horny lady, definitely wasn’t a bad shot
Police came and all of that and now a hero hops, run to her

I guess I could be called a brat and now a jolly ball of fat
So let me rub my head against her, so she think she all of that

Ten positions as he coaches, do it in the mood above reproaches
But still he buggin’ and he comin’, and the naughty with the hottie
Fall asleep, burglar come, “up shorty get the shottie!”

These were the most hilarious one-liners Rick said during the song.

Male come and the sex triggers, and his penis stiffer, bigger
Because the bitch looked like she needed a home more than I did
I wish the bitch would clean her house, you wouldn’t have so many roaches
And for a over horny lady, definitely wasn’t a bad shot

I Shouldn’t Have Done It showcased the more mature side of Slick Rick as he regretted stalking his former lover only for Rick to find out she overdosed. The song showcased his maturity. Yet at the same time he manages to add his explicit sexual humour in the song with lyrics such as “But Joe was gettin hard, without me even knowin”

Slick Rick met this beautiful girl who he loved a lot. The problem that arose is why on Earth did she want him? He couldn’t figure it out. And to make things worse, Rick was cursed with the torment of not being the first. And the first was this fly guy that made him very jealous. Rick would always think she’d cheat on him and talk to other fellas. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but any time that they fought, he would phone and call a girl over the phone out of spite. He shouldn’t have done it. Now he is feeling sad and blue.

He tried to stop her. But to catch her in a lie was near impossible and tricky. They got into another fight again. This time she got bright. So he just stayed out for the night to prevent another fight from occurring. Rick went up to the Parrot, with Omega, Vance, and Dane. This girl came over. She was trucked down extensive. Then she started talking to Rick in an aggressive manner and tone. She didn’t strike him as no hoe. A pretty young thing she was.

They stepped up back to his van. The girl took off her coat and her body was no joke. Next he rubbed it to unzip it and he went for broke. Rick realizes he shouldn’t have done it. He shouldn’t have cheated on her.

That night when he went home, he felt real guilty and ashamed. He felt just like a shady fella. What made him so insensitive? He decides to patch things up by explaining to her what he had did. Then after that, she started acting heaven sent. Then word got back about him chillin at the Parrot. So when he got home, he thought she’d just be out to roast. Instead he found this letter and found her overdosed. The letter said “I had it for you but I guess you didn’t care.”

Ship is one of the freestyle songs on the album with memorable rhymes and catchy lyrics. The song will certainly have you hiphiphoorayin’. The has some good old fashioned hip hop/rap soundscapes.

These were some of the memorable rhymes Slick Rick rapped.

Well as you know, thousand tear off their blouse
Be aroused, have a spouse, try ‘member who house

And big hitter in leavin’ a fitter in literin’
Get rid of considerin’, rocks glitterin’

Is it? So as the next kiss it, and a sex miss it
Remain the exquisite, as I shower the hits
Best split or let me see you overpower me twit, ’cause I ship

Blocks and blocks stare in the jocks
Hip hop the fox, knock niggas out box

Wit the fly green socks and the limelight flappin
It’s nothin dap in this, so champion of rappin is

So let it be as the world said it
Cold sweat it, Ricky you the nigga don’t forget it
As I shower the hits, he best split

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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