Review: Shaggy – Boombastic

Shaggy – Boombastic was one of the best reggae albums of 1996. The album had hot hotstepping reggae dancehall classics such as Mr. Boombastic, In The Summertime, and Gal Yu A Pepper. These were the songs that helped make the Boombastic album a platinum classic.

In the Summertime is about what Shaggy and Rayon do in the summer time. It’s a summertime affair with sun and fun in the atmosphere.

In the summertime when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky. When the weather is fine, you’ve got women on your mind. Raggamuffin Shaggy with a musical swing. Shaggy and Rayvon are the ultimate pair that made this reggae song brehsive. The world needs to beware because it’s a brand new selection for your musical ear.

Rayon is gonna drive and ride. And see what he can find. Now if her daddy’s rich, then Rayon will take her out for a meal. And if her daddy’s poor, then he will do as he feels. This is for the men out there. Now if her daddy’s rich, then take her out for a meal. And if her daddy’s poor, then do as you feel. Rayon is speeding down the lane even though the speed limit is 25 MPH. And he’ll make it with his cutie pie when the sun goes down.

Shaggy says he loves pretty little women because they are sexy as can be. Sweet as a honey but sting like bumble bee. He loves her attire and the clothes she wear. Some burn off them with tyre and a draw down a gear. Some shine up wax up. Not a sign of snare. So the girls stare.

Shaggy and Rayvon say what they want and say what they need. And they love everybody but they do as we please. When the weather is fine, Shaggy and Rayvon go fishing in the sea. “We are happy to live life.” That’s Shaggy and Rayvon’s philosophy.

Shaggy saw sweat run off her body with her caramel skin. He smiled at her. She looked at Shaggy and gave him a grin. He offered her a drink. She said, “Juice and Gin.” And he whispered in her ear, “I asked how you doin? Where was it that I reside. And I told her Brooklyn.” The atmosphere is filled with romance at this point in the song. Her eyes were sparkling. Just her voice and what she said let his poor head spin.

Boombastic was the boombastic dub reggae song that had the charts sizzling back in 1996. This sexy sex song was a highlight in his extensive career in reggae. Quite similar to lovers rock almost. What you want is a boombastic, romantic, fantastic lover.

Shaggy is just like a turtle crawling out of its shell. The girl he is after captivates his body and has put him under a spell with her Khus Khus perfume. He loves her sweet smell. She is the only young girl who can ring his bell. He can take rejection. The girl’s admiration had gotten him from the start with her physical attraction.

At least she gives Shaggy her good loving. Shaggy tells her, “I want your lovin’. Gal, give it like you should. Oh, give me your lovin’, girl. Your lovin’ well good. I want your loving, gal.”

The song had memorable lyrics to the chorus which were,

I’m Boombastic
Tell me fantastic
Touch me on my back
She says I’m Mr. Ro… Ro… Mantic
Call me fantastic
She touch me on my back
She says I’m Mr. Boom-boom-boom-boom-Boombastic
Tell me fantastic
Touch me on my back
She call me Mr. Ro… Ro… Romantic
Tell me fantastic
She touch me on my back
She says I’m Mr. boom-boom-boom

Something Different is a soulful reggae song with a chill mellow infusion of pop and contemporary dance beats. Shaggy decided to doing something different for a change in terms of musical style and sound with his song Something Different. Wayne Wonder provides the mellow subtle vocals with his soulful singing. Shaggy and Wayne Wonder start get vicious on the song.

Shaggy is doing something different for a change. It may not be sufficient but he is doing just fine. The girl Shaggy is sleeping with wants a rub a dub lover and have her under cover. When they do it, it’s different type/kind of love together. A girl like her is like a brand new automobile because she will drive any man crazy. Her style is so repetitious.

Baby love Shaggy admires the way she moves and the way she grooves. He loves the way she dances even when she steps upon his shoes. It’s his dream to sweep her off her feet and take her on a cruise. He has never see a girl that he loves this right. It’s kinda wicked and wild. She is so smooth and mild. Shaggy doesn’t care what her friends say. He’s going to love her any way. Because they don’t know about those days when she gave good love to Shaggy downstairs.

Her coca cola figure in that skin tight dress has got him going wild like a yardie. She makes him breathless with so much tenderness. He couldn’t give her nothing less.

The last time he saw her, all he got was a glance. Shaggy vows that day if he had another chance, he would (kiss) kill you with romance. He wouldn’t even hesitate to make her jump and prance.

Finger Smith is a song which warns us to be careful of our/your neighborhood pick-pockets. The definition of a finger smith is a neighborhood pick-pocket.

What is the occupation of a finger smith? A finger smith is thief who steals goods such as money, wallets, and cosmetics along with other valuables. A big finger smith is a pick pocket tycoon with a healthy profit. Number one in the business and top of the market. They teach the tricks, the trade, and how to make it.

Say a finger smith gets up this morning at about a quarter past 6 AM and tries to get a bus to go to the district. While the driver put on some reggae music, the money jingling gets the finger smith frantic. A person goes into their pocket to take out their wallet to pay the bus fair. Only to find out their wallet had been stolen by a finger smith.

Heartbreak Suzie is about a woman named Suzie who broke Shaggy’s heart by playing with his emotions and breaking up with him. This is what you call a dancehall romance.

Heartbreak Suzie is playing with Shaggy’s mind. He can’t believe the girl Suzie has him under so much raps. She has Shaggy in a fantasy island. Suzie broke Shaggy’s heart by playing with his emotions and breaking up with him.

Wasn’t it Suzie who left Shaggy alone? Wasn’t it Suzie who called Shaggy on the phone? Wasn’t it Suzie who wrecked Shaggy’s home? Wasn’t it Suzie who wanted to live her life alone? She must be crazy to still want to be his lady. Suzie said she wanted to break up with Shaggy. Their love was fake. Her love was fake. There was a mistake made.

Shaggy reminisces about the time they had each other. And how much days and nights they spent upon that lonely cruise. Suzie was the only one for Shaggy. And out of many beautiful women out there, Suzie was the one Shaggy chose to love, honor, protect, and even say, “I do”. But then Suzie wanted them to part and that’s when he refused. But Suzie still left anyway and suddenly Shaggy had the blues. Now here’s the pass and no one else could ever fill her shoes or take her place.

Nothing in this world could extinguish his flames. Suzie is the only one he wanted to bare his name. All of a sudden Shaggy notices Suzie was playing mind games. Giving him a migraine and so much emotional pain. Suzie was the one and no one else could make that claim. It’s a shame to see the relationship down the drain. Now she wants to get back together and it won’t be the same. Her aim is to cause Shaggy more pain. That is her true intention.

Woman a Pressure Me is about woman who pressures Shaggy into getting married for her own selfish desires and benefits. Shaggy is reluctant about getting married because he is unsure about if he wants to be married or not.

This girl named Beverly tells Shaggy it’s about time she gets the ring on her finger. Talking about that sake and that she leaves a man lingering. Shaggy tells her no and to go to the altar. Shaggy is not looking for marriage at this point in his life. A man don’t want a marriage if he knows it is not good. However Shaggy is reluctant and doesn’t know if he should.

Beverly is a looking good gal. She is sweet and tender. Shaggy has known Beverly for a very long time. But she pressures him too much about getting married. She left Shaggy lingering about marriage.

Shaggy loves Beverly very much now. Everyday Beverly keeps talking about how she wants the ring on her finger. Shaggy promised her about getting her the ring. So she set the wedding date for December. Beverly invited her friends and all her family members to the wedding. Shaggy really couldn’t see himself a step up to the altar.

Shaggy wants to settle the score before he goes on tour. But she wouldn’t even let him through the front door. Night after night he sleeps on the floor. Well now he tries to hit the kitten and she said, “No more.”. Shaggy tells Beverly, “True me love me sweetie pie I can’t take it no more.” Anyhow she got the ring and you know Shaggy’s life gone now for sure.

Before you tie the knot well everything looks sweet. When you say “I do” you probably think it’s a dream. All at a sudden it’s like the beauty turn in the beast. Now she washes, cooks, cleans and keeps the house sparkling clean. Beverly keeps her body in a young fresh at 25 years old. A man doesn’t want a marriage if he knows it is not good.

Gal Yu a Pepper was the steaming hot sizzling hotstepping reggae dancehall song of 1996 that all them hotsteppers enjoyed on the dance floor. The song is a girl who is hot as a pepper. A sizzling hot pepper.

Sadly this song was only a minor hit and did not receive as much promotion as the other songs on the album did. The song should have received a music video and become a single as well. But at least the song had a buzz underground and on radio stations in Jamaica and across the Caribbean.

The girl Shaggy is after is a hot stepper. You know they say that girl there is the original stepper. Hot like a scotch bonnet pepper. She’s a hot pepper. Shaggy tells her, “Gal, yu a pepper. A gal can’t skate your fence and try cross your border.” She is a dance hall stepper. Her body has men ready to bawl out. Her love alone is what men desire. She looks good indeed.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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