Review: Monteco – soulschool

Monteco – soulschool is one of the more underrated and unique soul albums of 1995 with an old school urban edge of hip hop in the mix. His debut album displays promising talent. The album did not get the credit or airplay deserved during the release date. MCA Records signed Monteco to be the next Bobby Brown. However that did not work as planned because nearly none of his singles charted.

Chris Stokes had Monteco singing over-sexualized songs. But that wasn’t just Chris Stokes doing that in a slightly controversial manner. Record labels did that back then. Chris Stokes wasn’t exactly a good songwriter. Notice how every rhyme ends with “you” and “do” on each song. That’s what happens when you have a manager acting as a songwriter. Chris Stokes kind of ruined Monteco’s credibility as a singer that way.

Good Thing is one of the many singing over-sexualized songs manager Chris Stokes had written for Monteco to sing. This R&B track used a funky ass guitar riff and a bassline that would make jeeps rumble. 90s R&B had some bass that would make jeeps rumble. And that’s for certain. Songwriter Dean Wakatsuki did his thang for Monteco.

Down to the Bone was a sad slow jam that was one of his better known hits. The song deals with the pain of losing a love that has gone lost. Some of you 80s and 90s babies may remember that he sang and performed this song on the show All That on Nickelodeon while wearing a Nuggets jersey. Some of you may remember watching All That performance live when it aired on TV.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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