Review: Seba Kaapstad – Konke

Seba Kaapstad – Konke is a divine rap album with a touch of funk and soul. Along with a minuscule element of jazz. This album certainly out of this world as many genres of music have blended in with the recording, instrumentation, and production of this album. Songs of peace, love, and unity are what you can expect to hear on this album from the South Africa group. This South African rap album from 2020 sounds very heavenly. Honestly, who would expect South African rap to be this heavenly? This is another consistent release from Mello Music Group.

WWW explains how the good in their life comes from the motherland of Africa. So cherish that African continental sound. Members Zoe Modiga and Manana about the good regarding several African countries as well as other countries on Earth while out doing some soul searching.

Zoe could’ve been to Ghana because people say say the weather is so fine. She’d like to hike in Kenya where the mountains float quite high. They say the chocolates sweeter when you’re around the Swiss In Switzerland. Learn Swahili in Congo (Zaire) and pray they live in bliss.

Manana has never been to Paris. They say the pastries nice. He still wants go to Mumbai with spices so divine. Addis Ababa is where she’ll start. Mbabane rеally has his heart. Because this is a place where pеace and rest reside. (Mbabane is the capital of Swaziland for those who don’t know.) He knows that it changed his life for good. I know that must be true. But what else can he do? He is busy searing for more in other countries on Earth.

The love song called The Kingdom uses a lighthearted touch of trap beats over a heavenly piano and guitar. Members Manana and Zoe Modiga sing about how they both need each other to be a kingdom.

Manana has been waiting for months praying for Zoe to come around hoping she would see his crown. His crown is a symbol of royalty. The castle is his heart. But she has been pillaging from the start. Now she’s waged a war. Eventually she surrendered and waved a white flag. But the kingdom isn’t what it was before. Both Zoe and Manana can’t make up their minds about each other. It’s been years of them doing the same things repeatedly.

Manana’s castle is his heart and Zoe is the queen of it.The kingdom is like a game of chess. But without her, there are daggers all over the place just to see who reigns. If they’re not growing they’re just dying in this acid rain.What is a crown on a clown with us arguing like this? His point is last and most important. This kingdom has changed.

Fred is a short story of a dinosaur whose name is Fred and was a big destructive tyrannosaurus rex with a Goliath complex. The song has many plot twists and very little cheer.

Millenniums ago, there was a male dinosaur whose name was Fred that was a tyrannosaurus rex. Fred was always causing trouble and living life within a bubble. He never cared about anyone else. He thought very highly of himself due to his own inflated ego. Then suddenly things changed his life and would be rearranged. He then realized he wasn’t the only player in the game.

But now he’s no more. Fred ran out of luck when one day a meteor struck. He thought he was big and was tall. The meteor said, “Boy not at all.” Fred thought he was the strongest of them all as he was beyond the physical. His fate sure had the final call. He seemed to see a light from far. It looked just like a shooting star. Until the earth was set ablaze. He couldn’t escape the deathly craze. He thought he was bigger than the world until it crashed and burned. It’s the biggest pity that he was gone too soon.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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