A look back at the sports drama movie called Hardball.

Hardball was one of the best sports movies of 2001 and was one of the best baseball movies of 2001 with handsome actor Keanu Reeves. Many may remember this movie as one of the best but lesser known movies that actor Keanu Reaves has starred in.

The 2001 sports movie a box office success. Now despite being a success, the movie still remains as one of the most overlooked sports drama movies of 2001. However the movie was only moderate hit and faded away from people’s minds quickly. This movie just doesn’t get enough recognition.

Gambling addict and ticket scalper Connor O’Neill (Keanu Reeves) agrees to pay his debt to bookies. A corporate friend of his tells him that he must coach baseball team of troubled African-American youth who are straight up dysfunctional. The baseball team lacks ethics and in sportsmanship given that the youth come from the ABLA Homes in Chicago, Illinois. Their team had been on a losing streak and needed the right guidance and coaching from the right coach to win games. 10% of this movie is Connor running to stop the kids fighting and negotiating with them.

This movie showed how good sportsmanship, redemption, team work, and team building was done. For example, when Connor buys pizza for the whole team after breaking up an argument which erupted into a violent fight. Sometimes food unites a team whenever there is a dispute, or an argument or fight. That was good team building on Connor’s part. Food can be used as a remedy to settle a dispute an argument.

The scene where G-Baby dies is poignant, surreal, and quite realistic. G-Baby’s death hit audiences hard. The scene showed anyone can die just that quickly in an instant. People were shaken by the scene of his death which caused sadness with many of the audience. G-Baby died after Conner dropped him and Kofi after winning the pre-championship game, G-Baby is struck and killed by a stray bullet during a drug deal that had just taken place unbeknownst to the two. Now this drug deal had gone bad and the rival drug dealers shot at the gang that was present.

Kofi holds G-Baby in his arms as he dies on the scene. The scene where Kofi holds G-Baby in his arms is so surreal and realistic. This was another one of those scenes which showcased how anyone can die just that quickly in an instant.

The movie uses cinematic scenery and backdrops to capture the environment which helps the cinematic scenery stand out. Now the cinematography is absolutely beautiful. The visual appeal is amazing. The movie captured that poverty stricken grimey feeling Chicago had during that time. Anytime a movie has appealing visuals and cinematography, you know that movie is going to be worth watching.

Some of you might remember the scenery of the church cathedral after G-Baby’s funeral before the end credits. That scene captured some of the beautiful cinematography the movie had for scenery.

Keanu Reeves is one of those movie stars that can capture your attention for an entire movie. Not too many movie stars can capture an audiences attention for an entire feature-length film. He certainly knows how to play and portray characters with tension especially. Keanu Reeves definitely nailed his character role in this movie. Many may remember this movie as one of the best but lesser known movies that actor Keanu Reaves has starred in.

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