Review: Lil Keke – Platinum in da Ghetto

Lil Keke – Platinum in da Ghetto is one of the more under-appreciated Houston rap albums of 2001 that got overlooked during the underground explosion of Houston rap during the 2000s. The album had that platinum sound with rap and soul style production. A tinge of rap soul was used on songs such as Platinum in da Ghetto, Mr. D.J., and Callin My Name. Lil Keke shines as a solo artist along with the guest artists who are featured on this album.

Lil Keke raps about how he is living his dream by going platinum in the ghetto regardless of what people say on the inspirational Platinum in Da Ghetto. He is making his dreams come true by earning money. The song that platinum sound with rap and soul style production. The song is a rap soul collaboration with Lil Keke performing the rap and Billy Cook singing soul on the chorus.

Lil Keke is living his dreams because it’s all he knows. He keeps his head up everywhere he goes. He’s going platinum in the ghetto by making money.

The hood is the same place that took him from a boy to a man. That’s why Lil Keke is achieving to reach platinum charts in the ghetto working hard. It’s a mad psalm trying do it on your own. One day you’re here and the next day gone. Everything is mad when you’re broke plus black. The sky waits for no one. I know you heard that.

Lil Keke says to live your dream because it’s something to see and the best thing happening is alive. Recognize that Lil Keke has been down forever as he has touched over a million hearts. He’s got no where to run and no where to hide. The women and the cars don’t equal the wealth. So he is all about his cash trying to impress himself. It’s a hard life. So Lil Keke is taking it slow. He is trying to give back to the hood.

Lil Keke raps about how his hometown of Houston, Texas is off the chain on Off da Chain. Houston is really off the chain. There is no doubt about that. The song has that typical Southern rap production and sound.

Houston, Texas is the third largest city in the United States. Houston is really off the hook and is off the chain. man. That is no doubt.

Back from no where here comes the black lone ranger. Lil Keke is busting haters on a mill that like a half a kilo.
He comes prepared off the block keeping one up in the chamber. He went from a rookie to a star all the way to a certified pro because he is all about his fetti. When he turn on the corner, best believe they look because he is platinum in the ghetto and is off the hook. There ain’t no half steppin’ in his game. Lil Keke is hated by many and loved by few. They say Houston is off the hook but Houston is really off the chain.

They shouldn’t have said ran their mouths saying he can’t come back. He took a year long vacation and he go like that. Lil Keke is sitting swoll like that. You know he is cold like that. He grinds all week and acts a fool on Friday. Going and out all these freaks just like a stick up. Tighter than a virgin’s cunt. Praying to reach the top before the day he dies. Don’t

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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