Review: H. Jon Benjamin – Well I Should Have…

H. Jon Benjamin – Well I Should Have… is a unique jazz album with a huge cringeworthy but hilarious comedic edge. What’s ironic and hilarious about this album that H. Jon Benjamin is featuring himself on piano despite not knowing how to play the instrument. Not too ironic considering the fact he is not a fan of jazz himself. What’s even more hilarious is the backing band screws up on the instrumentation intentionally on purpose. What’s even better is his monotonous voice which sort of blends in with the album. To sum it all up, experimental jazz meets comedy on this album. One can definitely call this album a novelty album as this is outsider music.

Trill Baby Trill uses soft lush dragged drum beats backed a jazzy saxophone and H. Jon Benjamin himself on the piano. However the song makes things evident that H. Jon Benjamin cannot play piano. A bit of avant garde jazz is used in the instrumentation and production of course.

Soft Jazzercise is a very very low-impact jazz exercise interlude narrated by Jon Benjamin over lovely piano notes. Soft Jazzercise was based off something he developed in late 1970s. This interlude is a perfect fit for this jazz vibe he has created. Jon Benjamin says Soft Jazzercise will really get the blood rolling. It’d be a good time to get in a little exercise because movement is truly the core of life. So, take in a big, deep, invigorating breath, and fill those precious lungs with the healing sprites of the universe.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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