Review: Guttt Control – Lick-A-Wish

Lick-A-Wish by Guttt Control from Flint, Michigan was released on GrayT Records (GrayT Entertainment), Lick-A-Wish Productions, and Guttt-A-Listic Productions in 1993. This was released on cassette and vinyl. Guttt Control is Tony Demoun, Blue Ballz, and Eddie Starborn. Guttt Control was a sexually explicit, hardcore, old school hip-hop group out of Flint in the mid 1990s. Think old school rap and party rap like Kid N Play, DFC, X-Clan or Boogie Down Productions! Guttt Control released 2 EPs then vanished for some weird reason as every other rap group in Flint at that time with the exceptions of DFC, The Dayton Family, and Top Authority.

While this release too short to be an album, it was still a stellar superb EP! I really enjoyed the experience of listening to this cassette EP. Guttt Control was more of a sexual hardcore version of an old school hip-hop group. The sexual sound was a lot different in regards to the sound that was coming out of Flint at that time in the 90s.

Gutttro is the intro to Blue Ballz and Biggie Smalls, which is Blue Ballz solo track. (No references to Notorious B.I.G.!) This track is just a freestyle track with mild sexual references which are still wild. It samples More Bounce To The Ounce by Zapp. The low heavy bass reminds me of On My Hook Up by BODK. Project Hoes is dedicated to all dem hoes in the projects.

Dis-O-Man is an explicit sexual, party rap, old school hip-hop version of the classic nursery rhyme This Old Man. This song has references to sexual positions, ass, hoes, prostitution, drugs, and masturbation. Niagra Falls in them drawers is a reference to Viagra™. Before there was auto-tune, there was Nate Dogg. Taravis was a rap artist out Flint with a smooth R&B flow.

Gutttlude is the Interlude to Sex Feels Like…! Sex Feels Like… is a sexual track. This track has references to sexual positions, ass, hoes, prostitution, drugs, and masturbation. Orgasms and heavy breathing are both present into this track. It samples Computer Love by Zapp. Blue Ballz delivers his secretive sexual puns as usual on this track.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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