Review: Bad N-Flewenz – Women -N- Money

Bad N-Flewenz – Women -N- Money is an East Coast influenced Detroit rap single from the 90s that got sadly overlooked and overshadowed. Each track is sample crazy with 70s soul songs and 80s rap songs being sampled. Bad N-Flewenz is the Detroit version of Grand Daddy IU. You have a gangsta rap influenced track such as Women -N- Money, a lyrical poetic song such as Can’t Fade Ma Shit, and a diss song such as Nutt’in Can Save Ya. Bad N-Flewenz consisted of dancer Excell, Chainsaw Massacre, and Motion.

Women -N- Money (Bytchez -N- Money) is a Detroit style Jackin 4 Beats as the song samples Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Dinner, NWA – Gangsta, Gangsta, Faze-O – Riding High, Steady B – Bring That Beat Back!, Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle. However Bytchez -N- Money relies heavily on the sample of Faze-O – Riding High. Women -N- Money (Bytchez -N- Money) uses samples from 70s soul songs and 80s rap songs.

Bitches and money go together like pants and a sweater in almost any type of weather. It costs to be the boss in the City of Detroit. You can’t be looking shitty to get a pretty woman. You gotta have game or money. Run up in hoes like Bruce Jenner and come out a winner. Bitches look ridiculous.

Nutt’in Can Save Ya lets sucker MC’s know that Bad N-Flewenz is not taking any shorts or any losses. They are not taking any shit. Excell of Bad N-Flewenz takes some jabs at MC Breed by dissing him on the song. This is an MC Breed diss. Excell sounds very much similar to Grand Daddy IU on Nutt’in Can Save Ya. His delivery is nonchalant.

This song relies heavily on the sultry rich funk sample of The Mohawks – The Champ. Nutt’in Can Save Ya samples The Mohawks – The Champ, Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill a Man, and MC Breed – Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin.

Excell disses MC Breed for being a one-hit wonder, relying solely on the success of his hit song Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin to make him famous, and for being a sellout. Excell of Bad N-Flewenz takes some jabs at MC Breed by dissing him with some of these lyrics.:

Excell flows for those who don’t know
The sucker on the North Side are still trying to hoe me
The sucker in the F-L-I-N-T only had one H-I-T but still can’t spell
Ain’t No Future In Your Album, so why are you still fronting?
Now your shit’s old, gotta push another hit
For this has been
So why should anybody care?

Brother, don’t let me get started.
Ya ass is a retarded target
You never got caught with a kilo
Brother, what you front’ for?
While you represent Job Corps
(vocal sample of MC Breed – Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin)
Fake broke nigga you can suck my damn dick
Selling out your city that made you the one
Well I’m here to tell you you’re about to get done, son
Sellout nigga

Yeah you told us exactly what you was about
But I’m holla at your crew too
You think you hard

And you’re hoe made looking broke, mane
Now you motherfuckas are mad

[Verse 2]
Check it
Aw shit
Ain’t No Bass In Your 12 Inch
You pint-sized broke looking ass bitch
Lucky like a charm
Ease up off me

Your ass at luck when I bend ya butt over
Cause you’re about to get fucked
The bullshit I warned ya

The lyrics “Ain’t No Bass In Your 12 Inch” give away reference to how MC Breed’s 12 inch speakers have no bass in them.

Motherfuckers are intimidated by Excell’s appearance. So fuck all the chit chatter If it’s on, then it’s on. It don’t matter. This is no surprise to Excell. Don’t size up to Excell. Getting loose like a bitch in a snow suit is what he does. Suckers don’t like him.

Can’t Fade Ma Shit uses a touch of funk and soul over East Coast rap. Notice those rich sultry soulful notes and chords from the piano. Can’t Fade Ma Shit is another hardcore rap song from Bad N-Flewenz.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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