Review: Roc Marciano – MARCIELAGO

Roc Marciano – MARCIELAGO can be easily seen as a parody rap album due to the song titles referencing hip hop/rap figures, actors, cultural icons, and celebrities. However that is not the case. This album is an East Coast rap album from New York City that is filled with hardcore lyrical rap songs and vicious flows. gives love to the Big Apple throughout the album as he did on his album The Presence. One could call this album a follow-up album to C-Rayz Walz – The Presence.

On Boosie Fade, Roc Marciano raps on how his blade will get you way more than a Boosie Fade. His lyrics are razor sharp. The song uses a dark brooding sound that is somewhat eerie.

Roc Marciano must be some kind of Frankenstein. Peep the way he is designed with the .9 by the waistline. He is the the same shade as Akon. The rap game is his. He’ll be right here with the truck in park shuffling the cards. No Wraith can equate to his traits. Nothing man-made can validate his character. His graze can’t be patched with a band-aid. His blade will get you way more than a Boosie Fade.

Roc Marciano talks about how he is on top of his rap game on the song called Saw. In one part of the song that is the subplot for the song, he murders a woman who he believed to be an enemy.

The source is leaking from his pores. He left the port with these Puerto Rican broads. His deepest thoughts is the secrets of peace and war. Roc Marciano is on top of the heat, y’all. He is on top of his rap game like a a dominant elite. Y’all cannot compete in the sport.

He rides the cleanest Porsche. Prolly in sneakers y’all never seen before. Obviously Roc Marciano is eatin’ quite decently. He don’t need y’all support. Peep the decor. The liquor’s imported from Singapore. His mini mansion is so clean you can eat off the floor.

One time, he had to put his hands on a whore because he viewed and perceived her as an enemy. However she was the last of his enemies. She saw was meat on the sword. So it’s to say Roc Marciano chopped her up a little bit. Although that is bit of an understatement. The choppa dump intense tear the bumper of the trunk of ya Benz. Crashed and hit the storefront. The business was crushed to bits. The hood of the trunk was sunken in.

They tried to mine his talents like diamonds by the carat. They knew Roc Marciano was savage soon as he climbed out the barracks. He only responds if the bag is massive. Hov gave him a dap. This is the pen that printed Schindler’s list. He might stick the shiv in your appendix and twist.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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