Review: Jake and Jay – My Caddy

Jake and Jay – My Caddy is one of the most forgotten singles to have come from Flint rap and hip hop. This single was released on 12” vinyl by Raw Recordings in 1988. This single is one of the string of single Jake and Jay released on Raw Recordings during the 1980s. Now on this single one can expect to hear the sounds of old school electro rap.

This single is a Ski and Jay production which was executive produced by Vincent Shane Fielder. He served as producer on many of their songs. Jake and Jay were the first rappers from Selby Hood. They were big in Flint during the 80s. Jake and Jay were also known as Ski & Jay.

My Caddy! is the Flint Town version of Run DMC – My Adidas. This makes sense because Flint was once home to General Motors (GM) which manufactured automobiles in their car production plant. Flint’s Chevy In The Hole alongside with GM produced and manufactured Cadillac automobiles. You often saw Cadillacs cruising up and down the strip of Saginaw Street back day in Flint, Michigan on a daily basis. Many people would cruise in a Cadillac around Flint.

The song is a nice old school electro rap song with a retro vibe from yesteryear. A 200 Alpine kicks the dope beat. The Unknown Scratcher is responsible for the vinyl cuts you hear. The two get flashy and materialistic on this song unsurprisingly.

The song My Caddy! samples Run DMC – My Adidas, Syl Johnson – Different Strokes, T La Rock – It’s Yours, Zapp – Ready To Rock, and Juice – Catch A Groove. Most importantly, the song relies heavily on the sample of Run DMC – My Adidas. The song is practically a cover and the Flint answer to Run DMC – My Adidas.

Go Off is a freestyle track where Jake and Jay rap against each other. The song is the longest song on the single with a duration of 6 minutes. Fresh freestyle rap is what you can expect to hear.

Don’t Breathe is a stupid dope fresh cut produced by Vincent S. Fielder and The Unknown Scratcher from Wizards of the Turntables. Here Wizards of the Turntables are the ones using the wheels of steel. The song brings a breath of fresh air to the single and serves as the closing track. Vincent S. Fielder made a perfect choice by using this song as the closer.

I rate this single 4/5****!

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