Review: Little Walter – Little Walter

Little Walter – Little Walter is one of the lesser known San Antonio rap albums of 1992. Little Walter uses a style of rap that encompassed a more bluesy style than rap. In other words, this is blues rap. One of rap music’s lesser known subgenres. His debut album had the songs Life in the Stixx, SA Town Player, and Jumping Jack. All his songs are original songs as he wrote his own material.

Little Walter’s debut album was originally advertised in San Antonio-based newspaper San Antonio Register on the date of Thursday, December 3, 1992. The news article talked about how his anticipated album was different from other rap albums due to the bluesy style he used. His debut album had the songs Life in the Stixx, SA Town Player, and Jumping Jack. All of which were minor singles that never reached the boundaries beyond San Antonio.

SA Town Player is dedicated to all of those players in the city of San Antonio, Texas. Little Walter raps in a bluesy style throughout the song. He talks about how much of a player he is in these SA-Town streets.

Life in the Stixx described daily life in the Wheatley Heights neighborhood of San Antonio. He raps about the crime that plagues Wheatley Heights as Wheatley Heights was one of San Antonio’s more dangerous neighborhoods from the 1970s to the end of the 2000s. He also raps about rural countryside life in a bluesy manner. Little Walter gives peeps knowledge since he was born and raised on the East Side.

Wheatley Heights is known as “Stixx” because at one time the neighbor was located out on the countryside out in the sticks. Wheatley Heights was once a dairy farm and pasture land for grazing animals that was owned by Emil Koehler. Cows grazing in the pasture was a common sight. When it rained, you’d have to park on Martin Luther King Drive and walk through mud to get to anyone’s house. Parts of Stixx are still used as farm land. Particularly around Pecan Valley Drive.

Wheatley Heights is also home to a Blood gang subset called Stixx Bloods/Stixx Piru that formed in 1990. Prior to 1990, Stixx wasn’t a gang. Stixx was rivals with other local gangs such as the East Terrace Gangsters/East Terrace Gangstas, Croccet Blocc Crips (Croccet Blocc), UNLV (United New Light Village), Dellcrest, Loma Park, and Brady Courts. Stixx has had conflict with Crip set known as the East Terrace Gangsters/East Terrace Gangstas aka T-Gang.Rival gangs from other neighborhoods often had it out for Stixx Bloods.

Stixx Playa Society is another gang that is located in the neighborhood. Stixx Playa Society consisted of former pimps and hustlers from different African American gangs. Although a majority of them were Bloods and Pirus.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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