Review: Extra Prolific ‎– Master Piece

Extra Prolific ‎– Master Piece is a timeless classic from the Bay Area of California. This album is a jazz hop album where jazz meets hip hop and gangsta rap. Only 500 copies of this album were pressed. All the Extra Prolific cassettes are considered to be extremely rare. The average price for this album when it sold online is $150 dollars. These days this Extra Prolific album is considered a collectable.

Action Set In Flight was the comeback song for Extra Pro. He discusses what happened during those few years when he was away from the rap game. It was really hectic for him. He picked up a gun. Did some things he promised he’d never do. Clearly remorse is shown as he has repented since then. It still haunts him.

It was during a dark evening. Extra Pro was wearing a black hoodie off. He following someone to their house. Clearly his intent is to kill this person. What’s the real motive? The rent’s due. So Extra Pro needs some cash. He’s the guy ridin’ thru the night with a ski mask.

Second Sermon is First Sermon revisited as the song picks up where First Sermon left off. This song is the story of his life. He is reminiscing on innocence from his youth. A handful of references towards the religion of Christrianity are made. Such as Bible verse Romans 10:9.

Extra Pro was raised in the 3rd Ward of Houston, Texas. His father was absent during his childhood as the father was off the hook. His mother was a religious person who believed in the bible. Sunday School was mandatory. Extra Pro wonders why his father won’t come to church. To make matters worse, he abuses his mother. Negativity was hitting them from every angle. Could’ve sworn the devil sent his every angel.

His mother finally had enough of his abuse. So she left him and took Extra Pro to Oakland, California when he was 12 years old. They say you reap what you sow.

Romans 10:9 says, “Believe it with your mind. Confess it with your mouth. You will be divine.”

He’s still kickin’ on the altar. The preacher made him more comfortable about his faults. G’s don’t get to heaven so stop hidin’. Everybody that was raised on prayer is now a player. Last days, these days be the last ones. It’s not hard but he gave us a chance. God Bless every man in the sound of my voice. It’s the second sermon.

When You Hoes is a rap song dedicated to the ladies. When you hoes is lonely in the night, all you need is the one who can make it right Just get back and page Extra Pro. He will find a way.

Extra Pro is in the mood for sex tonight.He’s the kind who’s macking for sex. He tells her, “Let’s do it like the dogs by the street sign.” He drinks wine off her thighs. This is implied in the following lyrics.: “Sweet is the wine I sip off your thigh/Reeking the smell of the cream that just slipped in your eye” She pops the Remy.

He hit the curb when he pulled over. Why did it take all that for her to fall flat on her face? He then hit the pedal. Laugh at bustas because you back with the hustler.

The other man she was dating went to jail. Time will reveal. Extra Pro showed up with my sex motor over her quota. Her man called collect. To give y’all respect. Extra Pro ensured him that the pussy’s untouched and hung up on him. She keeps telling Extra Pro in person how she loves it so much.

Can’t Reap Till You Sow A Seed is about how you can’t trust everybody you meet. You can’t trust everybody that smiles in your face. So take heed and listen!

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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