Review: Julie Dexter – Peace of Mind The EP

Julie Dexter – Peace of Mind The EP is one of the lesser known soul-jazz EPs of the year 2000 which people hardly even knew existed. Julie sung in the style of Marsha Ambrosius and Norah Jones with a super laid-back soul-jazz vibe, sound, and style throughout the whole record. The entire soundscape of this EP is calming and subtle. Any fans of soul-jazz, easy listening, lounge music, and neo-soul should definitely buy this EP if they have not already had the chance. You have the deep poetic songs such as Burning. You also have inspirational songs such as Peace of Mind and Ketch a Vibe.

Ketch a Vibe is a super laid-back soul-jazz song about how Julie is searching for ideas and trying find some inspiration so she can write songs. The song is also about catching a vibe. You know. Catching that vibe. Catch a vibe while the feeling’s live. You don’t wanna lose it. You will know when the feelin’s right. The song is also.

Julie is waiting on an idea to appear inside of her head. She is tryin’ to find some inspiration wondering if it will appear
so she can write away in her songs. This is how she writes her songs. Does anybody here feel they need consultation? Take a piece of her advice and just feel. Ketch a vibe while the feelin’s live. You don’t wanna lose it. You will know when the feelin’s right. Don’t let it pass you by. You cannot afford to lose it. Don’t undermine this feeling.

Lyrics flow like deep waters. Rippling with emotion. She got a notion. It’s what she believes in. Because it’s the love that she is guilty of. When she floats, she sails like a ship on the ocean. When the tide is high, her heart rides in motion. When the sea is calm, she thinks of sweet melodies of Jupiter.

By Verse 3, she is putting down her ideas as she has found her inspiration. Now it has appeared Julie can write away.

[Verse 3]
Puttin’ down my ideas
Yes, I’ve found my inspiration
Now it has appeared
I can write away
Did anybody here
Reach that same destination
Vibes are what I feel

Anyone can easily tell Julie put her heart and emotion into her songwriting and her lyrics based off what inspired her by reading the lyrics to Verse 2.

[Verse 2]
Lyrics flow like deep waters
Ripplin with emotion, I got a notion
Don’t undermine this feelin’
It’s what I believe in
‘Cause it’s the love that I’m guilty of
When I float I sail like a
Ship on the ocean
When the tide is high
My heart rides in motion
When the sea is calm I think of
Sweet melodies of Jupiter
Let my mind drift with the breeze
Let my eyes see what I see
Let my thoughts fall from the sky
Let me ride, let me vibe

Burning uses a calming world music based soundscape with the drums, bass, and animal noises which add to the jungle effects. World music meets soul-jazz on the deep poetic Burning. Julie sings about how she yearns to take control of this flame inside of her which is something she can no longer hide.

Oh how Julie years to take control of this flame inside of her. Oh how it burns, how it burns. She finds this flame dances in circles in her mind. This feeling inside is something she can no longer hide. It is making her weak. She can hardly speak. And it’s something she cannot explain. This is something that has taken a hold of her. It’s so hard to conquer this feeling.

The calming inspirational song Peace of Mind explained how people have to find a way to find their own piece of mind.

We ourselves gotta find a way to get our own peace of mind. Of the many things in our life that we ask, one of them is reassurance. Sometimes it can be a heart rendering task to ask reassurance at any point in life. And we’re too afraid to show it. What we’ve been searching for and what we’ve been yearning for are almost always the same things. I hope one day we’ll find it.

Of the many things in our life that we ask one of them is understanding All we need is someone’s helping hand. For them to show their love and kindness. Of the many things in our life that we ask. What we’ve been searching for and what we’ve been yearning for are almost always the same things. I hope one day we’ll find it. Will we find peace of mind?

Sweet Melodies is a sweet soul-jazz song filled with sweet melodies for all to enjoy. Especially at night around a fire. The song is sung in rich harmony. The song is a Julie Dexter & Mykey Supa duo. Philosophies are super. The song was about two lovers who were separated from each other trying to reconnect with one another.

Mykey Supa told Julie Dexter to remember him. Then she sent him letters telling him how much she misses his presence. Thanks for the memory is what they tell him. The pen will be the key for her. When other women say they want him to bust material to enable them before. That’s why other women can’t chill with him. It must be jealousy. Because Mykey Supa like a zealot quick with zealous-y. He is very zealous. Julie ate a melody. Awritten track come like celery. The soup’ll add flavor kinda lemony. Mykey will breathe into the African, Israeli, and the Yemeni.

Julie is aware of the hard times they are living in. She has been singing the same song ever since then. Circumstance never change. But the blues still remain. Everybody’s taken.

The lyrics Mykey Supa sung are quite riveting and deep. He brought that neo-soul flavor in lyrics to his verse.

That’s why they can’t chill with me, it must be jealousy
‘Cause I’m like a zealot I’m quick with zealous-y
I’m very zealous, see? Hey
You ate a melody, written track come like celery, celery
The soup’ll add flavor kinda lemony
I breathe into the African, Israeli, and the Yemeni

What Do I Do explained the story of a strained relationship Julie was in. She didn’t know what to do because her lover was had a change of heart.

Julie doesn’t know what she is going to do about her lover. She is staring at his face. He doesn’t say a word. Feelings have now surpassed. Those feelings she had for him are no longer special since he ignores her. He had a change of heart. He told Julie they should part and break up. That’s what went wrong. Was it his plan or was it how it was meant?

Julie must’ve got confused somehow along the way. She thought they had something special. But sadly she was mistaken. She learned her lesson from her heart and experience. It’s time to make a nеw start.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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