After Autumn proves to be a zaney love affair.

After Autumn is a zany love movie that proved to be a zaney love affair. And no, that’s not just because rapper-turned-actor Lil Zane appears in the movie. After Autumn is a light hearted tale of love at first sight. Sundy Carter and Lil Zane played their character roles perfectly even certain scenes were awkward at times. Lil Zane was the perfect actor to be casted for the role of Derrick Parks. No other actor could have played the role of/for Derrick Parks.

Derrick Parks (Lil Zane/Zane Copeland Jr.) has his eyes set on the beautiful Autumn Summers (Sundy Carter). However things get awkward as Autumn Summers falls in love with his best friend whom she becomes attracted to. Derrick Parks will go to extreme lengths to prove his love to her. Derrick couldn’t care less about her as he loves her.

As for Autumn Summers, she is that one girl that every player wants. Those other cats are not needed in her life. Derrick needs a lady in his life and she is the right one for him. Derrick’s a player and he’s not begging. He just wants attention. He craves attention. However Autumn’s playful demeanor proves to be deceitful as she is not interested in Derek. She is only interested in his friend. That is the sad part about the character development of Autumn Summers.

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