Review: Alesha Dixon – The Alesha Show

Alesha Dixon – The Alesha Show is a series of jazz-influenced concert songs with a huge incorporation of cabaret music divulged. The album is similar to a Lou Bega album but is more extravagant with more vibrance, extravagance, and pizzazz. Alesha attempts to become extravagant and noticeable even if she is trying too hard at times. Nevertheless her singing is on point. Upbeat is one word to describe this album although that may be a bit of an understatement. Of course the album is a little risqué with songs such as Italians Do It Better and Ooh Baby I Like It Like That. The sounds of pop and swing meet each other on this album.

The Boy Does Nothing is a song explained how Alesha’s man is a bad dancer with two left feet whose rhythm’s go go go. His bad dancing drives her up the wall with much annoyance.

Alesha has got a man with two left feet who can’t dance. When he dances, he dances not to the beat. Alesha really thinks that she let him know that his rhythm’s go go go. He never cleans up his dancing rhythm and syncopation. He never brushed up.

I saw you at the corner, Her vibe kicked in when she saw him at the corner in a real nice suit. She asks him for a dance. He said yes. She’s gonna feel the beat within her soul. Alesha needs a man to take control. If the man can dance, he gets a second chance. Everybody hit the rhythm. It’s on tonight. Let the melody blow you away.

Chasing Ghosts is a deep emotional and spiritual swing jazz song where Alesha believes ghosts are haunting her soul inside. She sings about she has been chasing a ghost that doesn’t exist. The story to the song is like a dark fantasy.

Hide Alesha Dixon from the glitter, glitz, glory, and fame. The part of her that can dissolve because she doesn’t wanna feel bitter and taste it deep within her soul. Alesha Dixon is just a girl who dreamt of singing. Who wants the adulation most? What is she trying to conform to? Why is she making friends with ghosts? There are so many questions that need to be answered.

It’s haunting her soul. She is scared and alone. Alesha has been running away because there is no way to resolve this problem she is facing. How did she get here? How can she get home? The story is written before she could breathe.

Sometimes she drifts away and melts into another place. It’s a fraction of her mind. She meditates. She finds the light. It is part of giving time to get the best she can in life. No more turning back now because Alesha is where she should be. No longer is she lost in a dark fantasy.

Shake explains how Alesha likes to take control and be in charge in a relationship. She likes to be in charge of her man in their relationship. The only time her man can tell her what to do is when they are dancing together. Control and dominance are the themes of this song.

Alesha Dixon is a little lady with electric fever. All the guys run and hide because they’re afraid of this pioneer. She is an irrepressible little lady who walks on dangerous ground.

Alesha tells her man to stop bossing her around. She tells him the only time he can tell her what to do is when they are dancing together. She tells him, “The only time you can tell me what do is when we’re dancing. Take this chance right now to be my leader.” Then Alesha convinces him to take the lead while dancing and to take this chance right now by saying, “Take this chance right now to be my leader. Lay it on me now. Make me smile from ear to ear. Shake me up and break me down. I’ve got my dancing shoes on so make me move ’til I cry out like a hound.”

The only time you can tell me what do is
When we’re dancing

Take this chance right now to be my leader
Lay it on me, wow, make me smile from ear to ear
Shake me up and break me down
I’ve got my dancing shoes on so make me move
‘Til I cry out like a hound

Alesha wonders if she can relive her life and release all the pain inside because she wants to love again. In other words, she wants to be in love again. That is the synopsis of Can I Begin.

Alesha has been holding on pretending like nothing’s wrong. There’s many things she wants to seem. However life’s getting colder since she broke up with her previous lover. Can Alesha begin to relive her life and release all the pain inside of herself? She wants to be love again. Everyday is a different vibe. Up and down like a fairground ride. Overdone now. How can she begin to love again?

I’m Thru explained how Alesha was through with love. The song really captured her true feelings and emotions about love. She explains why she is through with love.

In terms of lies and filth, Alesha doesn’t amount to much. Her soul is sugar sweet with an angelic touch. Alesha would like to give every single boy who thinks she is worth a try one punch in the eye. She has had enough of giving. Now she is on the take. Alesha is changing her religion for her poor heart’s sake because she had it up to here with love. She’ll take a running jump if any boy comes near. Alesha is through with love. It didn’t do much for her. As if you really care.

She had the chance to think about the whole shebang and come to the conclusion that love is not her thing. A word to the wise, keep out of sight. Her bark ain’t worth the bite. It seems that cupid’s arrow always hits the board. Alesha plans to boldly go where no girl’s gone before. She is packing up and heading out the door.

All Out of Tune is about her relationship with a man that has gone all wrong. To leave a good man is hard. That’s what some ladies say. She explains why she and her man cannot be together.

Alesha really wants to love her man but she don’t know how. Can’t he hear how it’s playing? Like guitars with broken strings. There’s never any harmony. They both know the sounds of a long goodbye. She doesn’t have to say it. Just listen to the words of this song.

The truth is that their relationship never should’ve gone this far. And their relationship never would’ve been this hard. But Alesha was never in love. Now it’s all out of tune between Alesha and her man. She’ll be leaving him soon because it’s all out of tune. This is the end.

Can’t you hear the lyrics, the words, and melodies? They’re sharp and cut too deep. The sound is piercing. His heart keeps breaking and she can’t take it. The song’s still playing but they’re both all out of tune.

She doesn’t wanna break his heart anymore. But she can never give him what he is asking for. He has never done Alesha wrong. To leave a good man is hard. It’s harder if they stay here and just deny. They can’t be together and they both know why.

Alesha gets in touch with her musical roots with these lyrics.

See, I don’t really wanna sing this part
All I wanna do is make it stop
But the song plays on, the song plays on and on and on and on…

Now it’s all out of tune, between me and you
Can’t you hear the music?
I’ll be leaving soon, cause it’s all out of tune
Can’t you hear the lyrics, the words and melodies?
They’re sharp and cut too deep, the sound is piercing
And the song keeps playing, your heart keeps breaking
And I can’t take it, the song’s still playing but we’re all out of tune

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


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