Review: The Scarlet Dukes – Rogue

An album such as The Scarlet Dukes – Rogue Escapades revisits the 1990s swing music renaissance with original East Coast neo-swing combos played in their unique jump blues style. You will enjoy those jazzy sounds coming from this album. Think Edgy downtown jazz from New York City. What’s even better’s that all their compositions are original. Their digital album includes the long out of print self-titled EP released in 1998.

Going Back to Saint Louie is about a man leaving his lady to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri because he is through with her. Going Back to Saint Louie uses that cheerful neo-swing sound and that St. Louis boogie with a touch of blues rock. The band sings the song with those jazzy sounds.

She is a travelin’ gal with her microphone. One day she is here and the next day she is gone. This man who is dating this travelin’ gal is going back to St. Louie because this time they’re through.

The man woke up this morning feeling sad and blue. He turned around to find out she had left him. Now he wonders where she is at. She really tuned his engine and had him purring like a cat. He followed her up to Chicago. The only problem was that she wasn’t around. He loved her so much. But now he is going back to St. Louie because he had enough of her. He hears she is steppin’ out all over town. Singing those songs with the jazzy sounds.

Hazy Streetlights explained how the city life took a man’s woman away from him.

Hazy streetlights took a man’s woman downtown. That is why he is alone and feeling down. It is 5 o’clock in the morning and the night’s fading into day. She said she’d see him at 6. That’s one of her tricks. He believed every word she said. This man can’t have no woman cheating on him. Getting is what he plans on intending to do. She thinks she can two time him. She’s nothing but a brazen hussy.

The man has been up all night drinking and his angst has turned into rage. Then when she’s not looking, he’ll pour a surprise in her glass which is a strong poison.

Picking ’em Up is about a free loving woman known as Sassy who is known to be able to pick up men real quick because she is a gold digger. Picking ’em Up uses such jazzy instrumentation.

You can call her Sassy cause that’s her name. Being a free loving woman is her claim to fame. When she see a man, she grabs him quick because she sure knows how to get her kicks. Rolling dice on the casino floor her eyes are peeled she’s looking to score. If some rich daddy walks her way, she sees a dollar sign because it’s her payday. She is a gold digger who is only after men for their money. Picking them up and laying them down. She ain’t no hussy but she gets around as she works the town. She’s known all over as the sugar peach.

Now Sassy here likes to try her luck and roll the dice. She’s a gal with a whole lot to show. She’ll give you a little but you’ll want more. Come here fella feast on her a while cause what she’s got is gonna make you smile. She dances close with her lustful man. Shows him her moves as only she can. Checks out his wallet and unless it’s thick she’ll dump that heel and move on quick.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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