Review: Antoinette – Burnin’ At 20 Below

Antoinette’s Burnin’ At 20 Below was a step in an entirely different direction musically speaking because her second album is entirely hip house. Hip hop meets house music on this album. However this album had heavy elements of that New Jack Swing sound which was most popular in the late 80s/early 90s. Some say this is a forgettable record while others say this is hip house at its finest. This album is still dope regardless of what people say. Sadly this album did not help New York-based rapper Antoinette “the gangstress” gain praise from any legendary rap acts.

Antoinette had raw and dope rhymes over funky bass lines and guitar notes on her song She Operates Around the Clock. You can feel and hear her rough hardcore East Coast lyrical style as her lyrical agility and raw vocals stand out. This MC has been praised as the “female Rakim” and she lives up to more than just the hype. Just read these rhymes of hers.”Just like Doctor Who in your bloodstream/Captivating atmospheres with a death beam”

Antoinette is back from hibernation because the boss’s job is never done. She is in tune. So please don’t change the station. So if you think she is scrounging and lounging, you’re buggin’. Just like Doctor Who in your bloodstream. Captivating atmospheres with a death beam. Now those who slept or those with nightmares, awaken and peep it through. Antoinette is heard and that’s word to the mother. She operates around the clock. So don’t you ever sleep.

You follow with nothing but foul play with the nerve to bitch about the heat inside the kitchen. And now you can know the truth to spread the deal. Antoinette takes no shorts. Try to take her and your loss will be permanent. She has a purpose to serve with everything to gain.

Antoinette raps about how men can never get enough of her smooth rhymes and her booty on her song aptly titled Never Get Enough. This song was aimed at the men who thought that they were above her and could never get enough of her. The song uses go-go music production over slow tempo beats produced by Ced Gee.

Guys, if you’re cool, Antoinette will please you. But since she has got a big old butt, she will tease you with something def that she bring for you and yours truly. So let her ring your bell inside this place tonight. Now let’s get back to this smooth groove with rhymes cool enough they’ll soothe with looks good enough to quench your thirst. And if that’s not good enough, Antoinette will drench ya. This content is good enough to quench your thirst.

Antoinette can’t let him play her. He wants to. But she won’t let that happen. If he touches her body, she call his bluff because some men just never get enough. And that’s the chance for him to diss Antoinette. And for a girl like her, that is risky. That’s why she’s gotta come on tough. But some guys just never get enough. Women, guys will play like they love you. Give them an inch and they think they’re above you.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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