Review: Jeru the Damaja – The Hammer

Jeru the Damaja came back even more raw, volatile, and versatile on his 2014 album Jeru the Damaja – The Hammer. Once again, Jeru proves to audiences that he does not need to rely on DJ Premier’s production. His in-depth intricate lyricism, along with the gritty sound of NYC hip hop, helped make this album a classic. His album was released during the mid-2010s when there was a revival of interest in East Coast rap music in the underground scene when you had artists such as Fashawn, L-Storm, Nas, Action Bronson, and Skyzoo.

On So Raw, Jeru displayed his raw kinetic rapping abilities over a boom bap soundscape. It’s the return of the raw high majestic, universally respected, divinely protected Jeru the Damaja with his ridiculous amounts of style. This song marked the return of Jeru after a 7 year long hiatus. Peep this raw hardcore song of his.

Many mics get molested by his rhyming method from Brooklyn to Poland. People think Jeru fell off. Well that is far from the truth. He is an international rhyme shark and a marksman like William Tell. He’s giving these cats the business. Knocking back shots of vodka with his foolish gangster princess and with his ridiculous amounts of style.

He mastered the trade of rap decades ago. He got dopest high grade sporting rhymes galore. You could call the whole Marine Corp but he will take them out one by one. This is the way you sucker emcees will lay as Jeru is dropping bombs on the spot. Jeru is blessed with pure skill and harder than raw steel like Steven Segal. Hard To Kill. No holds barred. He goes hard when it’s time to record. So call it a rap.

These were some of the most quotable lyrics that he said during the song.

My rap snaps your backbone
And your poems are so weak
They need shots of testosterone

You got jokes like Dave Chappelle
The niggas more bitch than a shemale
And my rhymes more exotic than those broads in Brazil
Flowing out of my orifice
Insane flame thrower
Sporting rhymes galore
My rap snaps your backbone
Tinkerbell ass mother fuckers
I make you wanna quit rap and take up ballet
Lyrical AK, you can say is how my mind spray
Faker than titties of silicone

Jeru is comparing his movement to the solar flares’ defying magnetic field behavior on the song Solar Flares. Normal magnetic field behavior follows a typical pattern – whereas violent solar flares are unpredictable like how he “defies the laws of physics”. Live from the trenches of Brooklyn, it’s the original Jeru the Damaja.

The way Jeru move defies the laws of physics. He travels through dimensions writing rhymes with the mystics. He reread the fabric of time to be specific. He maneuvers through the universe young, black, and gifted. Divine design swift as Tachyon particles. Jeru immersed the soul of soldier from the birth to the Earth. His master microphone wizardry is ahead of time. His vessel is average but his spirit is colossal.

Jeru is riding lighting bolts and trading tales with apostles. Saying do things that’s deemed impossible. So in fact it’s logical. Feast for your ears in the flavor delectable. Orgasmic voice but it’s far beyond sexual.

These were some of the most quotable lyrics that he said during the song.

Math and science futuristic technology
God in the physical form anthropology
Raw bloodline divine genealogy
The word in the time before time cosmogony

Dissect your science to the last molecule
So electric my brainwave is measured in Joules

I’m afraid the heat I generate will melt the booth
Fate is what you make it
Most philosophy is hypocrisy
Chemicals combine with beats advanced alchemy
Riding lighting bolts trading tales with apostles
Saying do things that’s deemed impossible
Orgasmic voice but it’s far beyond sexual
Feast for your ears in the flavor delectable

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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